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Sunday (with body check photos)

Posted by Parayeet , 08 February 2020 · 171 views

Back down to 46.9kg this morning, however I really don't feel all that well.
Blood sugar this morning was 3.2 so as soon as I get home from this appointment, a glucose tablet is a must. However I don't even feel I deserve that.


Took a body check photo last night and comparing it to my current BMI (14.8), I look so so much bigger than that. It's disheartening. Why am I still so fucking fat?


Yesterday was supposed to be a total fast, but I barely made it through my hot yoga class without having to stop all the damn time because I felt like I was going to pass out. It was good to get all of that water weight off, but it left me feeling pretty ordinary.
When I got home I drank a can of pepsi max because I felt absolutely revolting, so I thought if I was going to drink something to stay the fuck out of hospital, it might as well be a mild diuretic.


I know for sure that pushed up my weight by a few hundred grams for this morning's weigh in so I'm pretty angry at myself.
I get weighed in 45 minutes. I really don't want to go and do this.


After that though at least I can go back to liquid fasting. I'm so thirsty holy hell.


/end of whinge.


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Feb 08 2020 06:24 PM

youre goals 

youre goals 

Hardly, but thank you for your kindness <3

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