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Weight gain..?

Posted by Parayeet , 19 February 2020 · 153 views

6:45pm Wednesday


Yesterday I regrettably ended up eating a bit more, so I ended up altogether consuming roughly my BMR.


.....and I gained another kilogram overnight.
Woke up to 50kg on the scale.
How the fuck does that work?
I'm a fat indulgent shit, that's how.
Can consuming my BMR really make me gain that much weight?
Evidently so...I need to get my shit together.
I went out today for the first time since coming out of hospital (I'm terrible at resting lmao, I can't burn calories doing fuck all),
and I found myself feeling really out of breath, dizzy and exhausted walking around the university library.
I feel like I've lost so much fitness it's ridiculous. I'm not even 25 yet, I can't believe how out of shape and decrepit I am.


Logically it could be the fluid around my heart causing these issues, and I'm trying to reason with my brain, but it ain't having a bar of it.
I'm a failure.
Fluid retention or not, a kilo is a kilo.
My weight still went up.
I'm disgusting.

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