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Posted by petite_goat , 17 July 2021 · 65 views

I can stave off the dread as long as I’m distracted. As long as I busy myself with the absurdity of this world and indulge in my perversity and addiction, there’s a chance I can slip right past the hard part. The heavy duty baggage, the indestructible pile of trash I’ve let sit and stew under my bed for the past decade. Burning it just makes it stink more...


day 5

Posted by petite_goat , 05 July 2021 · 54 views

logging early because i want to hold myself accountable. I almost binged on a full breakfast platter but i threw it ALL out like an asshole. i feel bad. todays a fasting day. its been almost 19 hours since my last meal


day 4

Posted by petite_goat , 04 July 2021 · 46 views

i feel my..self control slipping a little. but im determined. so..,  wendys crispy chicken sandwhich w/ all the shit taken out of it: 350
like half a small chili: 90
walked and burned -180
ate a 100 calorie kind bar
and then a 190 calorie yogurt total - 550


day 3 update..fainted

Posted by petite_goat , 03 July 2021 · 109 views

guess who fainted in the kitchen and when they came to they crawled to the fridge on their stomach and ate a chobani yogurt and guzzled 3 cups of water. yes...its me lol. 
anyway that, fucking, puts me at 465 calories. the yogurt was 190, and i took a melatonin gummy with 10 cals in it. im sad


day 3

Posted by petite_goat , 03 July 2021 · 42 views

this morning i decided i would eat, so i did.
all i had was a really small grilled cheese and half a cup of juice, totaling 265.
i decided my schedule will look like this: 2 days fasting, 2 days of eating, and alternate until im done. but on the first eating day it would be like 300 max cals, and the second 500.
I'm gonna do it like this until the...


day 2

Posted by petite_goat , 02 July 2021 · 65 views

brain fog. Executive dysfunction fucks me up so bad because i cant make myself get up and get water or electrolytes lol.
new game plan 5 days fasting, 2 days 300 calories, repeat 3 times. hopefully it gets me to my goal. I really, really fucking hate my body..): 130 pounds and i need to be at fucking 118 at least.


liquid fasting day 1 ...advice please

Posted by petite_goat , 01 July 2021 · 113 views

im in bed now so the only way im gonna fuck this up is if i get up and eat which i cant do bc everyones sleeping
i had a monster zero and half a diet coke cherry today and then literally like poured salt on my hand and licked it up lol i literally lost 12 pounds at one point earlier this year. but to be honest when i was at that weight i really didn'...

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