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Fast preparation

Posted by petite_goat , 26 June 2021 · 52 views

I'm going straight in. Fuck food, fuck it all, fuck my life and fuck my stupid ugly face and my shitty hair and fat thighs and fucking disgusting body. Fuck it all. I need something to fucking do all day so i dont fucking binge! when my boyfriends gets offline i feel so fucking hopeless and bored theres literally only one thing i can do and it's eat. FUCK THIS. FUCK THIS SHIT LOL im just going to start drawing. i want to get to fucking 120 lbs by the 10th of next month. I'm gonna fucking do it, i swear to god. Food doesn't even feel good or satisfy me so why the fuck do i always turn to it?


CUTTING OUT CARBS AND I'M GOING TO BED EARLY and im gonnna drink so much water ill basically be peeing on myself 24/7, i dont care anymore!!!! im so fucing gross!!

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