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I like trees


Cluttered thoughts I do not want to discuss IRL

Posted by Arraabeylla , 17 July 2020 · 54 views

Do you ever feel like you never actually woke up? Like everything that is happening is just your mind tricking yourself,
cause the world you write and imagine is always so much better than the world you live in.
A world you will always feel euphoric and never melancholic. A world you are able to actually feel.
A world you hope to experience after death. Y...


Trying and failing

Posted by Arraabeylla , 29 June 2020 · 59 views

I tried the ABC diet for one week and... It was not good for my mental health.
I binged 2 times this week and purged 4 times, but I did lose 2 kg though.
My brother is now holding my money for me, and my mom won't give me any money at all because I only buy ice cream with it and then purge. I have even stolen money from my mom, just so I could eat my ice...


ABC diet

Posted by Arraabeylla , 23 June 2020 · 46 views

I saw this low restriction diet and I thought, "let's try it", so I am trying it
I started on Monday(yesterday) and I was loosely counting my calories because I was moving a lot and I was busy too.
Today I exercised and ate approximately 500 kcal, but I am not a hundred percent sure.
I can´t have gone pass 600 at least, because I used the lifesum app to c...


Wanting to fast

Posted by Arraabeylla , 21 June 2020 · 60 views

Freakity fuck.
I have tried to fast, but it just never goes my way.
I truly felt like I would be able to do it today, but my father invited me and my brothers to his house, so we could help him paint and also eat some burgers. I only ate one ofc, but one burger is approximately 600kcal. That sucked!
It was kinda fun though, I haven't seen him for a while...


All inn!

Posted by Arraabeylla , 19 June 2020 · 67 views

I did not eat a lot today, and I am freaking proud! I would usually have binged by now, and then purged.
TikTok coffee w/unsweetened almond milk: 125kcal
1/2 boiled egg: 43kcal
lemon ice tea: 52kcal
Total: 220kcal
burned: 148kcal Net: 72kcal
I am planning to fast the whole weekend (Water fast) as a way to dip my toes in the ocean.
Watched a lot of thinspo...


Best day I have had this week

Posted by Arraabeylla , 18 June 2020 · 68 views

I restricted today and actually followed through. The best part is that I am not really hungry(must be of the Zoloft I am taking)
2 eggs 160kcal
coconut oil 39kcl
siracha 5kcl
Smoothie (smoothie mix, water, oat milk) 110
iced tea 1,5 serving 71kcl
Total: 385kcal
Yup, that´s all I wanted to say, and I hope that you´ll be somewhat happy today.


Feel like food is being wasted

Posted by Arraabeylla , 16 June 2020 · 73 views

so.... today was terrible! I had 1 slice of bread w/ cheese and ham, siopao, chocolate icecream,
and a loooooot of cheese doodles. The worst part is, I have kidney problems and I´m not supposed to have a lot of sodium. Yesterday I was watching Harry Potter with a couple of friends, and they took out an XL pack of cheese doodle, nobody ate it, because...


plans cancelled

Posted by Arraabeylla , 14 June 2020 · 67 views

I´m not able to go to school in England next school year, how amazing
I had everything planned, and I even had some small delusional teenage dreams and ideas that could happen to me in England.
Like finding myself a hot mafia boyfriend, or meet a rich kid from the suburbs, hahahaha
Jokes aside...I am totally lost atm.
I don´t really like humans,...

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