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Feel like food is being wasted

Posted by Arraabeylla , 16 June 2020 · 71 views

so.... today was terrible! I had 1 slice of bread w/ cheese and ham, siopao, chocolate icecream,
and a loooooot of cheese doodles. The worst part is, I have kidney problems and I´m not supposed to have a lot of sodium.


Yesterday I was watching Harry Potter with a couple of friends, and they took out an XL pack of cheese doodle, nobody ate it, because they aren´t a big fan of it. I did not eat a lot of it either, but today when I came to visit my friend, the bowl w/ cheese doodles stood there on the same spot. It was chewy and not tasty at all, but I just HAD to eat it. I really did not want it to go to waste, so I ate it all up. That is a ton of calories right there together with kidney failure because of sodium!


I hate it when someone does not eat up their food, or when you open a bag of m&m and don´t eat the whole bag. I feel like your wasting its prime time. Actually one time, I found a half-eaten Snicker on the ground outside, there were rocks on it and all, but I just felt like I should eat it, so... I did and it did not taste bad :lol:


I was not able to purge after eating the cheese doodles, because my friends wanted to sing karaoke with me, so they wouldn´t let me go.

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