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Trying and failing

Posted by Arraabeylla , 29 June 2020 · 53 views

I tried the ABC diet for one week and... It was not good for my mental health.
I binged 2 times this week and purged 4 times, but I did lose 2 kg though.
My brother is now holding my money for me, and my mom won't give me any money at all because I only buy ice cream with it and then purge. I have even stolen money from my mom, just so I could eat my ice cream and purge.
I used laxatives in the last 2 days of the week and I was inside the whole time because I was scared, that I had to eat food with my friends. So... My conclusion is... the ABC diet is just not for me, but I am thinking about having a diet with a max of 1000 kcal a day, just so it doesn't feel like I am restricting myself.
But my real intentions are to eat 400 kcal a day, and 1000 kcal on the days I hit the gym.
I am going to post here as often as I can for accountability, and I will try to update my weight, but I don't have a scale atm.
I will try to buy one next week though. A scale that calculates my bf, hydration, and muscle mass.


(btw feeling hungrier the longer I am on Sertraline)

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