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VH's Adventures in Disordered Dieting


Starving Artist Diet : Day 1 - I'm a Tad Bit Really Out of Shape

Posted by ViviHubri , in Starving Artist Diet 29 June 2020 · 127 views

Day 1 (600calories) (June 29th, 2020)  Breakfast:
- Whole Wheat Bread (80c)
- *** (350c)
Water Intake:
- 34fl.oz  Total Intake: 420/600
Exercise: 360c burned  CW: 103lbs(47kg)
GW1: 100lbs (45kg)
GW2: 95lbs (43kg)
UGW: 90lbs (41kg)   A few things, I'm a bit nervous to say what I had for brea...