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Starving Artist Diet : Day 20 - Four Days Left

Posted by ViviHubri , in Starving Artist Diet 18 July 2020 · 192 views

Day 20 (175 calories) (July 18, 2020)


- Cucumber (18c)
- White rice (121c)
- Boiled Egg Whites (34c)
Water Intake:
- 33.8fl.oz


Total Intake: 173/175


June 29th: 103lbs(47kg)
July 3rd: 101.7lbs(46kg)
July 8th: 101.2lbs(
July 13th: 100.5lbs (45.5kg)
GW1: 100lbs (45kg)

CW: 99.8lbs (45.2kg)
GW2: 95lbs (43kg)
UGW: 90lbs (41kg)


Wow, I passed my first goal weight. It's hard to loose weight when you already don't weigh that much. I had major weight loss the first week, but I guess that was just water, plus I don't even exercise anymore.


I've been drinking more water recently since starting this diet. I used to drink like 1-2 bottles a day, but look at me now wow.


ALSO, apparently after June 29th, I kept on writing 'June' instead of 'July' which means I'll be editing some things.