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Tiny Girl Diet: Day 5 - LoserTown Data

Posted by ViviHubri , in Tiny Girl Diet 02 January 2021 · 120 views

Day 5 (550calories) January 1st, 2021


Breakfast: N/A


- Mixed Berry Applesauce (50c)

- 2 Boiled Eggs Whites Only (35c)


- Cream of Wheat (120c)


- Chocolate Rice Cake (60c)

- Monster Energy Drink Ultra sun rise (10)


Water Intake:????


Total Intake: 275?/550


December 28th, 2020: 106.8lbs(48.4kg)
CW: 104.4lbs (47.4kg)
GW1: 100lbs (45kg)
GW2: 95lbs (43kg)
UGW: 90lbs (41kg)


I averaged the amount of calories from the Tiny Girl Diet. Then, I used LoserTown to get an idea of what my weight loss could be over time and see the track I could be on.
I haven't gone above my calorie limit so far. Truthfully, I don't think I'll make my goal