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Posted by skinnydreamsagain , 02 August 2020 · 37 views


  • iced brewed coffee starbucks (30 calories) with 1/3 almond milk (10 calories)
  • pineapple chunk (74 calories)
total calories= 114 calories
workout: 23 minute jog/run (158 calories) + 46 minute walk (277 calories) = -435 calories
net calories= 114+ (-435) = -321 calories


my workouts were slow and spaced out this morning. I took a couple breaks in between... for the most part I paused my fitbit while I was taking breaks but I forgot sometimes so it says I actually burned 577 today so far but not going to use that for my numbers.


***In my entry yesterday I said I wasn't going to weigh myself until next week but I ended up doing it this morning cause I didn't look as bloated as before and turns out I gained almost 1 pound since I last weighed myself mid-July ughhh.... but my body fat % went down by -0.7% so I'll take it.***


currently: 128.9 lbs..................................................................yikes... I have 7.9lbs to go to reach my first goal weight of 121 but I would like to be around 115-119.


also side note, I was looking at my weight and body fat % history from 3 years ago and I was 114 lbs with 17% body fat?? can that be me again :(



  • iced brewed coffee starbucks (30 calories) with 1/3 almond milk (10 calories)
  • pineapple chunk (74 calories)
same as breakfast lol


total calories= 114 caloreies
workout: no workout cause I went out to do errands for the afternoon
net calories = 114+ (-321 calories) =-207 calories




total calories= 0
workout: 1 hour 38 minute walk (I walked with my sister tonight and shes super slow omf) (-509 calories)
net calories = -207 + -509 = -716 calories



  • 1 bag flamin hot cheetoe
total calories= 520
net calories= = 520 + (-716) = -196 calories


Day Summary


calories consumed= 748 calories
calories burned= 944 calories
net calories total= -196 calories


overall not a bad day and an ok end to my week


also I attached a pic of my steps this past week, cant believe i've kept to 20k

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