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Day 6

Posted by That Green Tea Bitch , 02 August 2020 · 33 views

Hey all,
I'm so happy right now. I was able to not eat all day and all I've had is a cup of coffee and two cups of 0-cal tea. I've been doing some reading, which has actually been quite rewarding! I've been binge-looking-through threads with The Other Green Tea Bitch and it's been nice :')
I hope I can have a meal tomorrow, maybe I'll have some ice cream as well? We'll see. I saved a lot of food photos so I can make meal-prep collages :)
I was looking forward to getting some cake today because I felt deserving, but as luck would have it, it was all already eaten by my siblings. And I'm having an extra competition with someone on the My Pancake Addiction challenge in my head, because she has eaten 25 cals today (and 10 yesterday), while I had 22. I'll win this. She's bound to binge this month, I just have to be patient and consistent.


As for yesterday's events affects, my friends seem to have calmed down a bit. They won't be able to let go of it for sure, at least not now. I just don't understand what it was, not that I care for it as much as they do. I'm just so thankful they could arrive home safely.


I hope you all have taken your medicine and that you told someone you love them today!! I love and appreciate you all <3
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