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Fat fasting day 3 (-0.4 kg)

Posted by Undiscovered Soul , 14 May 2021 · 37 views

It’s going well and finally breaking my plateau. I was stuck at 55kg for weeks and this morning it went down to 54.6kg, nothing exciting but at least I’m losing.
Fat fast is the easiest thing to do, I’m using the recipes from low carb subforum here on mpa, eating about 1000-1100
cal a day. So easy.
I got hit by very bad headache today but I think this is...


5 weeks no carb binges 🙌 but plateauing

Posted by Undiscovered Soul , 09 May 2021 · 29 views

I’m proud of myself for sticking to low carb, I maybe had 2 or 3 days when I ate a bit above my TDEE but it was all keto food.
The only fuck up was yesterday when I ate 3 protein bars (obv the carb count is super low in those but it adds up and might kick me out of ketosis).
Anyway this morning’s weight was 55 kg, basically it’s stuck on this number for 3...


Passed my exam!

Posted by Undiscovered Soul , 24 April 2021 · 47 views

I’m so happy, I passed this super difficult exam (IT certification) on Wednesday, and I’m still buzzing. Thanks to eating low carb I was able to study for hours on end without sugar crashes etc. I was also able to maintain the focus and steady energy during the entire length of the exam (2 hours). The exam was hard as fuck but I made it! 
Prior to m...


850 cal today

Posted by Undiscovered Soul , 13 April 2021 · 53 views

I planned to eat 1200 cal but I got very annoyed today because of noise from outside that was distracting me when I tried to study. Yep those things really get on my nerves, and when I feel uncomfortable I don’t allow myself to eat. So I skipped lunch. Otherwise I had low carb breakfast and dinner and a small keto milkshake.
I haven’t weighed myself toda...


Week 1 - completed 🎉

Posted by Undiscovered Soul , 12 April 2021 · 26 views

An entire week of NO BINGES and super low carb. I started this diet just before my period came so it’s obv challenging because this is usually the time when I binge BUT I’m staying strong. To be honest I’m not even craving carbs that much. The first 2-3 days were tough but I’m getting better now. Calorie-wise it was 1250 today (including keto milkshake wi...


Day 6 on Low Carb

Posted by Undiscovered Soul , 11 April 2021 · 58 views

I haven’t weighed myself today and yesterday because I got my period on Saturday morning so I would normally wait a couple of days before jumping on scales.
But the good news is that I didn’t give in to PMS cravings - actually this was the first time in a loooong ass time that I didn’t carb binge just before the period. This is one of the main reasons I’m...


Day 4 - so far so good

Posted by Undiscovered Soul , 09 April 2021 · 63 views

Yesterday and this morning was 56.8 kg, which means it’s going down slowly. I still can’t believe I let myself get to this stage (about 6kg up from December last year), I had a terrible binge cycle, but it’s no time to dwell on this. It happened, I fucked up, and now I’m ready to fix the damage. So I’m starting on around 1200-1300 cal, also I’m curre...


Day 2 Low Carb... + neck injury?

Posted by Undiscovered Soul , 07 April 2021 · 51 views

Honestly wtf. So let’s start from the beginning: diet-wise has been going great, did 700 cal yesterday and 1200 today (I want to alternate so for the first 2-3 weeks I want to do high restriction with two days in a week of mid restriction), then slowly decrease the ‘baseline’ cal intake.
This morning it was -0.4kg on scale, we all know it’s water weight,...


Ok I’m back on low carb for real

Posted by Undiscovered Soul , 06 April 2021 · 61 views

I AM SO DONE with eating carbs.
I’ve legit gained so much since I got off keto (well, low carb). Cause I binged like crazy since then (December).
In Feb I was at 55.5 kg and thought it was a lot but just now I checked and it’s fucking 57.4! Obv following a few days of Easter binge but still. Well I’m shocked at disgusted how fat I am, I can’t even th...


TW ... feeling down.. & want to starve myself to death

Posted by Undiscovered Soul , 16 February 2021 · 78 views

I’m just so done with everything
I hate being fat.. my BMI went from 17.5 to 19.4 in 2 months and I hate myself.
My abdominal MRI came back fine. No issues with pancreas or liver? Despite elevated enzymes? I’m in so much pain, constantly, every day. My upper abdomen and back hurts as fuck, especially after eating. I cough all the time. But no doctor take...

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