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Honest af weight loss journey


New cat + Finally broke my plateau!

Posted by Ettalore15 , 19 October 2020 · 5 views

Good morning everyone, hope you're well. This is what I wrote last night before I passed out promptly at 8pm: (yesterday) "Weighed in at 92.4 lbs this morning. Still stuck right around 92-93, its starting to really bother me. I've been fasting all day today, and will continue to do so until Wednesday" Well we have some good news! this morning I...


Very pessimistic rant and non check-in

Posted by Ettalore15 , 18 October 2020 · 36 views

*TW* talk of abuse 
I'm having a very low day today. It's gloomy and rainy where I am so maybe thats why I just want to stay in bed all day.  
I binged last night and so I'm living in a state of regret today, just regretting everything. My abuser popped up into my life again in a small way today (he made a fake account on instagram, but I know i...


Hungry and Full of smog + yesterday's entry

Posted by Ettalore15 , 17 October 2020 · 34 views

I am writing to you from deep in my depression corner, hiding from my roommate because I smell like cigarette smoke.
The past few days have been weird, I just finished my midterms for school so I have all this time now, and I am really hating it. Just more time to stress and not know what to do with myself. I just keep sleeping hoping to wake up in anothe...


Random rant / 10 lb weight loss accountability journal

Posted by Ettalore15 , 12 October 2020 · 63 views

And we're back folks. I've had an account on here for years and I recently logged back on, gotta say I feel like this place has lost a little oomph (maybe thats a good thing?).  A little about me:
I am from the USA
I'm 21
5'2 (157.48cm)
consumer of the weed
anorexia (b+p)
 This blog/journal is meant for random check in's a...

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