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MPA is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders. Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board.




Posted by designerdoll , 26 November 2020 · 33 views

fml it's not much but I've gained since my mum's been here I want to cry



Posted by designerdoll , 26 November 2020 · 12 views

went to a savers today and got a few clothes, mostly stuff that's Just A Little too small so I can rock them when I've dropped another like 10kg or so and I'm excited  
also my mum's staying elsewhere tonight, so today and yesterday while I ate way more than I wanted I've only had one meal each day so I should still be in deficit!! Friday, Saturday,...



Posted by designerdoll , 21 November 2020 · 47 views

my mum's coming to visit next week idk for how long prob only a couple of days but idk how I'm gonna be able to restrict while she's here I think I'm just gonna have to try an sneakily puke as much as possible lol..... or I'm just gonna have to gain back everything I just lost!!!!!!! fml



Posted by designerdoll , 19 November 2020 · 48 views

I have been trying various no sugar things bc I love sweets but sugar has sooo many cals but I seem to be able to taste artificial sweetener even when no one else can and I hate itttttt but I want to eat sweets I'm so tempted to blow a 400 cal day on one single donut



Posted by designerdoll , 09 November 2020 · 47 views

was gonna make maybe tomorrow a 50 cal day to make up for going over the other day but today I made an absolutely massive pot of pea and ham soup thinking I'd like it but I DONT and I barely had any so maybe today can be the low cal day??? idk how much I had tho so idk if it was under 59 cals???????? ppptybbhthbb



Posted by designerdoll , 07 November 2020 · 39 views

🙄 there was some leftover garlic bread so I had it w my soup which put me over my cals for the day Again but I'm still v low should still be under 200!!!
you could say that my abc diet attempt was unsuccessful and you would be,,, right but I'm still staying within about 50-100 cals over, still fasting on fasting days, still alternating calorie intake so I...



Posted by designerdoll , 07 November 2020 · 105 views

I want 2 binge I want 2 just order a million foods and eat it all 😭😭



Posted by designerdoll , 06 November 2020 · 60 views

we're not going out to dinner yaaaaay!!! but I didn't start making my dinner until now bc I didn't know what we were doing and I'm making broth so it's gonna still be hours 😩



Posted by designerdoll , 03 November 2020 · 24 views

my best friend/soon to be ex-housemates mum is coming over on Friday and apparently insists on taking us out to dinner and I don't think I have any way if getting out of it it's supposed to be a very low cal day but. HOPEFULLY whatever I get stays under 1200 cals. as long as I'm still in deficit it's okay it's okay it's okay


food thoughts

Posted by designerdoll , 29 October 2020 · 53 views

every time I think of something new I can eat i get so excited like on a high restrict day I can order good food I love without going too high in cals (maybe eat like an apple for breakfast) and sun-dried tomatoes are not TOO high in calories they're perfect for a lil snack and also they're delicious I feel like I appreciate food more which makes it more...

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