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zoe's accountability



Posted by connormurphy , 21 July 2021 · 42 views

weight: 168.2
calories: ??? ugh. okay. so today was cassie's birthday. got the cheesecake her mom ordered and then a bunch of cookies too. ate a bunch super late. took a laxative. this is gonna make me gain and i am ~not~ pleased about it. thankfully, cassie knows i'm basically lactose intolerant so she's not pushing me to eat much of the cheesecake....


hells yes

Posted by connormurphy , 13 July 2021 · 52 views

weight: 169.3
calories: 400 yeah boiiii officially in the 160s! this is the lowest i've been since i was 15/16. it's been a bit slow lately and i think i'm gonna start exercising so that the weight comes off even faster. also like i want to be toned. i don't just want to be stick thin, i want a little bit of muscle too. cassie's birthday is next...


slow going

Posted by connormurphy , 30 June 2021 · 34 views

weight: 171.7
calories: 1,000 heyo. still here slowly but steadily losing weight. idk if i'll actually reach the 160s by the end of july but here's hoping! still proud of the progress i've made regardless. anyway ttyl! -zoe


time for weekend

Posted by connormurphy , 18 June 2021 · 65 views

weight: 172.8
calories: 1,400 been doing really well this week! i'm pleased with how i'm losing. fingers crossed that by next friday i'm in the 160's! my entire sophomore+junior years of high school were just bouncing between 172-178. and every time i got down to the low 170's i would think i deserved a "treat" and binge for a week and ruin my progre...


down to the wire

Posted by connormurphy , 14 June 2021 · 66 views

weight: 174.6
calories: 1,000 i've barely been losing these past few weeks because i haven't been doing super well with eating. not to say it's been that bad. i think i only went over 2,000 calories once or twice, but i've been eating around 1,000 a day instead of 700. i guess it's better to eat slightly more since that's more sustainable in the long...


i just sneezed

Posted by connormurphy , 25 May 2021 · 87 views

weight: 175.3
calories: 1,000 i never know what to title these blog posts. anyway i've been doing okay. i've been eating ~1,000 everyday for the past couple weeks or so and i think that's why i'm not losing more. but again, just gotta remind myself that slow and steady wins the race. i'm proud of the progress i've made so far, even if it feels like i...


check in

Posted by connormurphy , 14 May 2021 · 78 views

weight: 176.4
calories: 770 hello hello happy friday! hope everyone's well. not much going on here. just more of the same trying to restrict. we got chipotle last weekend which rly made me not lose weight, but now i'm kinda getting back into it so that's good. also, cassie randomly weighed herself a few months ago (just out of curiosity) and now i'm...


friday night

Posted by connormurphy , 07 May 2021 · 70 views

weight: 177.7
calories: 900 ayo how's it going pals. i'm doing well. omg wait okay so okay tonight for dinner cassie was like "i can make dinner for us" (we were just having frozen stir fry) and i was like "oh no no you don't have to, i can make it!" and she was like "nah dude i can make it" and it was lowkey a stand off. i didn't want her to make it...


happy spring

Posted by connormurphy , 30 April 2021 · 70 views

weight: 178.8
calories: 680 april 1 weight: 183.9
april 30 weight: 178.8
weight lost: 5.1 pounds not bad! wish i lost more, but oh well it's fine. had a few bad eating days this month, but no literal binges so that's good. i think my goal for may 1st is to be out of the 170s. i'll straight up be 169.9 idc, but that's my goal for may and it's def...



Posted by connormurphy , 19 April 2021 · 73 views

weight: 181.4
calories: 845 hello hello! today was good. just casually trying to restrict! i've really not been losing much weight lately, but that's okay. sometimes you get stagnant. it's better than gaining. if i used to get into a rut like this i'd give up so quickly and easily. i refuse to give up now though. i'm so close to the 170s i can taste...

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