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I need to stop

Posted by OKaP , 05 February 2021 · 146 views

Bought a ring on Zulily this morning.
Then I get free shipping for the rest of the day!
Cue the flood gates.
So I also bought a cookie cutter, and a knife sharpener.
And then I went back and bought a cute baking pan.
And then I went back and bought pants clothes hangers and a belt hanger.
And then I went back AGAIN and bought an over-the door shoe organizer.


It's 2 am and I'm still shopping. I have free shipping for 2 more hours.


Someone please stop me.
I made a deal with myself not to buy clothes this year but I feel like I'm still fucking up by spending money on things I don't need (albeit, useful things. some of them).

Your follow up items do sound practical, so maybe these purchases aren't so bad.


I know what you mean about clothing though. I buy nice shirts for cheap on e-bay.  But I've run out of room to hang things, and with the pandemic I never go out.  

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