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Posted by OKaP , 17 March 2021 · 105 views

I'm considering going back to school. I'm looking at online universities.
Ever head of American Public University? It' accredited by the higher learning commission but idk. It seems too good to be true.
it's more than a years' salary in tuition cost alone to finish graduation -and that's with transfer credits.


Probably a ridiculous thing to even consider since I won't finish over the next 705 days.


Today is St. Patrick's day. Apparently I am 1/16th Irish so... idk.


I turned down a cupcake today and now I regret it because I ate pretzels and hummus which are more calories than the cupcake would have been.
Chickpeas, broccoli and rice for dinner.

Hey! American Public University is a for-profit private institution and the fact that they would call themselves "Public University" in their title when they are NOT a public university is a big red flag, because that's a really deceptive name. But you should totally go back school! It took me forever to earn my bachelor's degree and I did some online courses. I would suggest looking into ACTUALLY public universities, ones attached to cities or states, which have better prices, but non-profit private institutions will still be better than for-profit. If you're in the U.S., in-state tuition for public universities (whether city or state universities) is the lowest price choice, and the quality is usually better than for-profits.  And you may also be able to apply for financial aid. There are lots of public and non-profit private institutions with a lot of online options. Anyway good luck with everything!

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