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day 7

Posted by gorey.ace , in 00. fasting logs 16 January 2021 · 29 views

48 hours into my fast.  hey ya'll i'm sort of stressed right now so i'm writing to take my mind off stuff. my dad just went out to buy pizza which is a major binge trigger for me. i told my mom that i was tired and that i was about to go to sleep (my sleep schedule is fucked so she buys it) but now i'm gonna have to lock myself in my room for the...


day 6

Posted by gorey.ace , in 00. fasting logs 15 January 2021 · 32 views

26 hours into my fast.  not feeling hungry at all, it's like after yesterday my appetite decided to delete itself. i haven't been doing much of anything today, just sitting around and browsing the internet. still getting dizzy when i stand up and i've been feeling really weak but hopefully after a while of drinking electrolyte water i'll feel bette...


day 5

Posted by gorey.ace , in 00. fasting logs 14 January 2021 · 61 views

hello blog ! i'm writing to you from the depths of my cold and dark room. i have some unfortunate news to share about my recent fasting attempt: i broke the fast today. i know !! awful, heartbreaking, whatever. so how this happened: everything was going well until this morning. everyone in the house was sitting in the living room on the sofa w...


day 4

Posted by gorey.ace , in 00. fasting logs 13 January 2021 · 42 views

72 hours into my fast, i'm nearing the halfway point i've been dealing with a killer headache all day and ever since i woke up my throat has felt dry and stuffy. i think my nose is a bit runny too? i really hope i'm not sick, because i've been sick constantly these past two months lol i'm done every hour i'm awake is another hour i wish i didn...


day 3

Posted by gorey.ace , in 00. fasting logs 12 January 2021 · 43 views

47 hrs into my fast i've been thinking more about food today than usual. normally i can just brush it off and focus on other things, but i've been watching mukbangs and looking at recipes all day haha. i have no interest in breaking my fast before sunday but thinking about what meal i'm going to break it with later makes things a lot easier. if i...


day 2

Posted by gorey.ace , in 00. fasting logs 11 January 2021 · 28 views

i almost forgot to update this oops in about an hour and a half i will have completed the first day of fasting. today was a fairly easy fasting day. i had the occasional hunger pain and thought multiple times that i should grab something to eat, and then i remembered i was fasting and got sad lol but other than that it was okay i've been think...


day 1

Posted by gorey.ace , in 00. fasting logs 10 January 2021 · 36 views

i just finished eating for today and i'm gonna be honest i wasn't expecting to be so conflicted about it. initially i was pretty excited to end my fast because you know. . .food. but then i started preparing and eating it and i started feeling sick and panicky. i was going to eat until i was comfortably full but i could hardly manage it. i just hate f...


it begins

Posted by gorey.ace , in 00. fasting logs 10 January 2021 · 60 views

so i know ur probably really excited to see me again on your dashboard and you really wanna know what's going on in this entry so i'll cut to the point. today is the first official day of my fasting schedule! WOO !! (background applause, the crowd is screaming and cheering) 
i want to take a moment to thank my mother for making this possible (not rea...


hello world

Posted by gorey.ace , in 02. entries 08 January 2021 · 65 views

happy late new years lol  
finally back to it !! these past few weeks have been an absolute mess so i took some time to figure stuff out. i've been fasting a lot more recently. it's gotten easier over time and i've noticed my cravings for certain foods have diminished a ton. whenever i do eat, it's kind of bland and unsatisfying. i guess i'm...


sandwiches,,,, my love

Posted by gorey.ace , in 02. entries 11 December 2020 · 50 views

sandwiches have always been one of my favorite things to eat. i remember coming home from school years back and munching down on a nice ham sandwich for dinner. they're just so nice and oddly comforting, especially ham and turkey sandwiches. i wouldn't say i'm like obsessed with them or anything, but if i could only eat sandwiches for the rest of my li...


700 is way too much apparently

Posted by gorey.ace , in 02. entries 10 December 2020 · 80 views

i've pre-planned my caloric intake for the month of december, totaled everything up & am satisfied w the amount of weight i'm expected to lose. today's calorie limit is 700, and i could eat every last calorie and still reach my goals. at least i keep telling myself that, but i'm still too anxious to eat  i've been sitting here for the past hour...


cravings stop when the food's on my plate

Posted by gorey.ace , in 02. entries 10 December 2020 · 67 views

this has been happening for a while but i only just realized this today. when i feel a strong craving coming on, i'll make every excuse i can to eat that particular food. i'll go into the kitchen, put it on a plate excitedly thinking 'holy shit i'm going to eat this' and then go back into my room where i usually eat. the second i sit down and look at m...


dad's buying pizza oh god

Posted by gorey.ace , in 02. entries 09 December 2020 · 82 views

it's my brother's bday today, and we've been hanging out for the past few hours. i already ate a bit (roughly 450 cals) but i didn't expect dad to go out and buy a fuckin pizza for our dinner. i've been aiming for 700 cals or less a day so only got like 250 cals left ?? and they're expecting me to eat with them ???? asgi;asgal;shg  
i'm hoping to sl...


mukbangs as appetite suppressants

Posted by gorey.ace , in 04. appetite suppressants 09 December 2020 · 53 views

i think i found a video that guarantees my loss of appetite, it's absolutely horrid to watch. i'm dropping it here in case i ever need it, will probably update with other videos i find    1:20 is where it gets real bad, for the record i HATE ranch


if only fried chicken was 0 cals

Posted by gorey.ace , in 02. entries 08 December 2020 · 47 views

i would be eating it ALL day and no one could stop me. hands digging into the box, stuffing my face full, ketchup smeared across my cheeks. fried chicken is one of my favorite foods. i adore chicken tenders, and if there were some in front of me right now i honest to god don't think i could help myself. it's one of the few things that i will always ea...


those damn oreos

Posted by gorey.ace , in 02. entries 08 December 2020 · 55 views

i was planning on giving up sweets this month but my dad bought a package of double stuffed oreos,,, my weakness.  
i haven't had oreos since last year, back when i could easily scarf down an entire package in an hour *shivers*. they used to be a big comfort food of mine. now that it's been so long since i last ate them i realize just how sweet...


hi i'm ace & this is where i track my progress. feel free to follow !


age: 19 yrs

h: 5'6"


hw/sw: 265

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fasting schedule


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