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Posted by edsurreal , 13 January 2021 · 41 views

Not going to lie, I had started posts but just never pushed publish since I last posted. Several times. I'm trying to prevent falling back into old habits of not posting in weeks/months etc. I had fallen off of the wagon and feel pretty shitty. On top of that, My sister who I live with has tested positive. My mom is waiting on her test to come back on if she also has covid or not. Due to this I am off of work for a while. They wanted me to just come in but I stated I thought if someone in our home has it we are to take time off and see if we also have it as well. Then they started talking to the higher ups and they told me to take time off until we know for sure. I should of gotten back on the wagon last Saturday but I didn't.. Such a waist of time.


So, Today is day one. I'm drinking apple juice diluted in a jug of water. Idk where I stand as far as my weight goes and I don't want to know right now. I know it's not good. Once it gets to this Friday I will weigh again.


Anyways, sorry I haven't been posting and I've been fucking up..



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