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March 30th 2021

Posted by PuppyTown , 29 March 2021 · 85 views

I saw the mental health team yesterday which was nothing new. Nothing out of the ordinary but she kept asking if i had been sexually abused which for some reason i cant say it to anyone but i think she knew. When i was speaking about my hatred for men she said i was very passionate haha. She seemed to understand where i was coming from when i say they are all pigs and say things that make me uncomfortable. She asked if i fet that way about my dad and i said he hasnt been creepy to me, I love him more than anything in the world but i dont know what hes like with women. I can admit hes not a gem. I didnt think to mention one of the reasons i starve myself is to look less attractive to men. I dont want to be a curvacious sexy woman I dont care. I would rather look like a dying alien than get hit on. I have had men come up to me in clubs squeezing my hips and grinding up and down on me like filthy slobbering mutts. Or every guy i have spoken to for the last few months after i broke up with my ex, they all say "come on baby show me your tattoos". Jokes on them i only have them on my arms at the moment. Can men just learn to leave us alone please? And girls, if you act like sluts how do you expect them to respect us?