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April 8th 2021

Posted by Rudolph , 07 April 2021 · 91 views

I WENT ON A DATE! I met this cute guy on tinder whos covered in tattoos, looks like a baby faced kurt cobain. We went on a really long walk/hike through the woods. We sat on a bench surrounded by trees, had a cigarette and he asked me if i wanted to kiss him. We kissed and it was AMAZING! No tongue at all just really cute. Hes really cuddly too and now he has invited me to stay over at his on friday night. I am a bit nervous cos of the whole ED situation i dont want to tell him yet. He is really attractive and i have no idea why hes into me. When we first met up he got really shy and told me he was a little intimidated by me cos i was really pretty. This doesnt feel real it feels like im dreaming. I need to get new pajamas before i go to his though cos mine are covered in makeup and diahorrea stains (lax abuse lol). We are most likely gonna stay in and play cod zombies and stuff, i cant wait to kick his ass! I hope this one is real i really do. It sounds crazy but i can already feel myself falling for him. We are dating though so yes we are both talking to other people but im gonna make him see that im all he needs and wants.

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