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May 12th 2021

Posted by Rudolph , 11 May 2021 · 49 views

I had a bad day today. i got woken up with the news my close friend almost died days before. but nobody would give me any more information because "its not their place to say". My mum was bitching to the boiler man about something i did 4 years ago. I had a fight with the guy im dating. I thught it was a joke and half of me still thinks it is but he went to bed and people give up a joke before they sleep right? It was over something so so small but i feel crushed. I have been overthinking again. everyone hates me im an annoying ugly fucking cunt. Life is so damn hard and nobody has my back. There is no help or hero to save us from ourselves. truth is were gonna kill ourselves trying to be something that doesnt even exist. Skinny enough.