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feb 23

Posted by saintjude , 24 February 2021 · 33 views

total cals: 1100 ish (900 deficit)
I felt so sluggish and dizzy today so I allowed myself some extra leeway and tried to keep my deficit under 1000 cals. And i drank plenty of water of course. dinner:
chick fil a nuggets and fries (734 including sauces) and dutch bros annihilator iced coffee (180). Since i wanted a lower deficit today i actually ord...


feb 22

Posted by saintjude , 23 February 2021 · 32 views

Total cals: 1400 (deficit about 600... maybe 700) Daily carrots and hummus (145 cals)   2 different instances Lunch: (314 cal)

egg white omelet and toast w lettuce and pesto Dinner: (330 cal)

eating my feelings.... chicken fries and bbq sauce... :( today wasnt good but at least i didnt binge?? 
aaaaand drinking my feeli...


Feb 20/21

Posted by saintjude , 22 February 2021 · 32 views

Feb 20 -Binge day (probably around 2300cals lmao)
Feb 21- ~500 cals (1,298 deficit) Weight loss from Feb 13-Feb 20: 155.2 to 150.2 (5lbs)
Days under 1000 cals: 4/7
Binges: 1 The alcohol i drank the night before triggered a binge.. :/ I cut back on drinking because of the cals but i just got too drunk and then didnt care LOL totally ruined the wh...


Feb 19

Posted by saintjude , 20 February 2021 · 52 views

Total cals for the day: ~1000 (deficit: 1198) i havent even emotionally binged the entire box of thin mints yet, im kind of a skinny legend B) Breakdown w pics: breakfast

140 cals. I don't have an eating disorder... I just spend a lot of time on MPA and i WILL triple check every protein shake at the grocery store to make sure I'm buying t...


Feb 18

Posted by saintjude , 19 February 2021 · 32 views

Total cals for the day: 600 (1k deficit)  Yes only 1k deficit i slept and read all day oops. and my food scale ran out of batteries :( so tomorrow I'll go get more Dinner:
 380 cals total for carrots w tajin, hummus and a sandwich. I dont know why I did 2 tablespoons of hummus... it was way too much and some thin mints which is anot...


Feb 14

Posted by saintjude , 15 February 2021 · 45 views

TOTAL CALS FOR THE DAY: rounding up to 900 (1,273 cal deficit)  Today was my first day of actual meal planning. Although I fucked up in the morning since I didn't go grocery shopping, I still managed to eat things that aren't absolute garbage. I intend to have a 1500 cal deficit, but I guess I'll have to try that tomorrow. My friend made me a worko...

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