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Day 13+14

Posted by Ang3lina , 28 February 2021 · 94 views

Day 13: Broke fast, total for the day: 500cals Day 14: had to have birthday cake because it was my brother's birthday, also had dinner (chicken, potatoes and vegetables), going to estimate it at around 1400 cals, I'd rather not find out haha. 
Tomorrow I'm going to start displaying how many cals I've had each day on my profile/ signature, hopefu...


Day 11 + 12

Posted by Ang3lina , 26 February 2021 · 77 views

Yesterday I went over 1000 again, 
but today I've reset and done a water fast :D


Day 10 (fail lol)

Posted by Ang3lina , 24 February 2021 · 82 views

Had to go out for lunch again today, had a sandwich and ordered an iced chocolate, and the whole meal was 1000cals. I've since had a bit of chocolate. 
I'll do better tomorrow, praying that I can resist anymore temptations tonight.


Day 9

Posted by Ang3lina , 23 February 2021 · 89 views

Success yesterday, avoided eating much of anything apart from sampling things, and had 466 cals :D Also played a bunch of just-dance and hit my step goal which was great. Today, hit my step goal, had about 800 cals, did lots of study and started up ring-fit again.
I've gotta start doing ring fit the moment I'm home alone, that shit is so fun, bu...


Day 8

Posted by Ang3lina , 21 February 2021 · 138 views

Today I had to make something for a potluck tonight. I've made gluten-free pancakes (my friend is celiac). 
As far as cals goes, I had one really small pancake, was about 90cals, and 2 squares of this no added sugar chocolate I found, that was 56 cals. 
Tonight I don't know if I'll eat something that anyone else brings, I'll see what I can do ab...


Day 7

Posted by Ang3lina , 21 February 2021 · 95 views

Weighed in today, I'm on track so far, woo! 
Only had dinner today, I'm gonna overestimate that it was about 800 cals 
Tomorrow I have to go over to a friends, and we're having a potluck. I'll see what tricks I can pull to avoid eating everything.


Day 6

Posted by Ang3lina , 19 February 2021 · 77 views

Today I broke my fast about 38 hours after I started it. Pretty good, I didn't binge either. I went out for lunch with two friends, I had something low-cal,
got home and ate a small slice of left-over birthday cake, and had an egg for protein. Total today was : 744 cals 
I'm going out tonight with some other friends, to a bar, there won't b...


Days 3, 4 + 5

Posted by Ang3lina , 19 February 2021 · 92 views

Day 3 I had to meet for lunch with someone AND go to dinner, so I definitely went over my cals, I think I had about 1200 split between the two meals. 
Day 4 I had one snack on my lunchbreak and a piece of toast for dinner, in total I had 550 cals 
Day 5 (today), I did a water-fast. Drank a lot of water and ate nothing, I plan to break my fast to...


Day 2

Posted by Ang3lina , 16 February 2021 · 76 views

Success! Today I kept my cals under 800 and I walked 25,000 steps. 
I went out to meet a friend around lunchtime- they used to have an ED and I don't want to trigger them at all, so I offered to pay for lunch for us both. Thank god for the menu having cals listed next to each item, I was able to order something low cal, but large enough for it to loo...


Starting again | Day 1

Posted by Ang3lina , 15 February 2021 · 105 views

It's 12am now, for the last 2 days I've eaten over 1000cals. 
I was doing so well too, I had kept up the under 1000 goal for about a week and a half. 
So today I'm going to start a fresh, I'm waking up in 7 hours to go on a 14km walk, then my whole day is taken up by social appointments and university classes. No time to eat I hope. 
My goa...

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