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A tale of diet soda

Posted by NotAnIssue , 25 July 2021 · 78 views

So I chose not to eat dinner today but my roomate went to Taco Bell and I asked for a diet dr pepper. He returned, saying that they HAD no dirt dr pepper. He watched tv with me and I had to drink but the calories terrified me. So, I went into the kitchen and stole some diet pepsi that I am forbidden from and emptied out the cup, poured diet pepsi and retu...


Pretty ok

Posted by NotAnIssue , 24 July 2021 · 48 views

Last time I weighed I was 136 so yay but I went to a birthday and pigged out so oops. Tommorows a new day and I'll be ok.


I hate birthday parties

Posted by NotAnIssue , 17 July 2021 · 48 views

But also I don't because my friends and I have so much fun together hanging out and watching bad tv shows. I just can't handle pizza and soda and junk food because I have bad control, even worse when I'm tired. When we pull a fun all nighter, I end up overeating. I just need to hope the scale isn't too bad tommorow. I'm going to fast as much as I can befo...


Day five: good but not

Posted by NotAnIssue , 15 July 2021 · 52 views

I was 138.4 which is great, but i overate due to my roomates being all, "let's get smoothies!" "I got you this lunch!" And i can never not eat dinner because we eat together so AHHHHHHH. I am super glad that my exersise worked out
And I still lost but I weight tonight (which never tells me anything but eh) and gained a pound but i suspect that's foo...


Day four: welp

Posted by NotAnIssue , 14 July 2021 · 45 views

I stayed the exact same weight. It feels better than gaining but I feel bad. 
I had too many calories so I swam for like an hour and I REALLY hope I didn't do too much damage. 
For the first time, I lied about having a meal when I didn't and I feel too proud. 
Ya know, my friend absolutely denies I have any mental issues and I think a big r...


Day three: gimmie thos exersise hormones

Posted by NotAnIssue , 13 July 2021 · 68 views

frozen mango
Spaghetti Good times. Did some cardio and feel pretty great. 139.6 pounds which is pretty good for day three. I get to swim tommorow so more burn, baby!


Day 2: back to baseline babyyyy

Posted by NotAnIssue , 12 July 2021 · 57 views

140 again. Feels better than over, not even as close to good as under so here. We. Go! 
Had a veggie smoothie but got nauseous.
Oatmeal cookie
Potato I feel ok, probably cause I'm not counting, just restricting.  
I do like a body check thing multible times a day where I wrap my hand around my wrist and I can't explain how calming it is whe...


Day one: I'm faaaaaat

Posted by NotAnIssue , 11 July 2021 · 36 views

Shockingly, binges have consequences. I'm 143 pounds and feelin' REAL invalidated. Good times. I can't get my exact calorie count but all I had was leftover Chinese and some jam with bread. My family bought me guava jam and honestly, little bit addicted. 
I feel hungry, which doesn't actually encourage me to eat, it just enforces my non-eating. I don...


Day 0: time to reset

Posted by NotAnIssue , 10 July 2021 · 50 views

I keep getting caught in binge/restrict cycles, and I need to go back to my losing roots.


I hate myself

Posted by NotAnIssue , 08 July 2021 · 86 views

Well that's a given, I'm on mpa.
No really I had so many calories I wanna just crawl into a pit. Tommorow's a new day and I get to go to the YMCA. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHFUCJLAKVNDJMXLAAHHHHHH 
I shouln't be on an eating disorder website. I have no dedication, weigh loss, and all I am is a stupid wannarexic who doesn't know what she's doing.

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