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water fasting now, happy happy

Posted by loletaxeni , 08 May 2021 · 35 views

I started water fasting, today is the 2nd day. I don't want to eat anymore, not even eggs. I still love eggs and mayo but I'm just done with eating. 
Looking forward to losing weight!


Egg fast, day 4

Posted by loletaxeni , 06 May 2021 · 71 views

Yesterday was super easy and I have zero desires to binge anymore. I can hardly believe it! 3 days and I got this madness under control. Now I'm actually already looking forward to water fasting, I feel I'm done with food. The idea of eating makes me feel just blergh. 
I lost another 0.5 lbs and ate 1700 cals yesterday. I think I have now lost most o...


Egg fast success continues, day 3

Posted by loletaxeni , 05 May 2021 · 34 views

Day 2 was succesful as well and I made it through without binging. Day 2 was easier than day 1 but I still ate plenty of calories. Despite this, I lost another lb of water weight. I had a few oat crackers yesterday and instantly wanted to eat them all. Instead, I trashed them with soap, I didn't want to even think about binging. That's how this is... as l...


Egg fast, success!

Posted by loletaxeni , 04 May 2021 · 74 views

I can hardly believe it's true but I made it through day 1 on egg fast. It wasn't easy but I made it. Whenever I felt like binge cravings coming, I ate eggs and mayo. I ate tons of eggs and mayo but I don't care. I didn't eat 3000-4000 calories worth of them (which I can easily down in one day of binging) and I didn't binge or purge all day. Besides, I lo...


Egg fast (and bulimia)

Posted by loletaxeni , 03 May 2021 · 67 views

I think basically everyone knows egg mono, the infamous miracle diet for weight loss. Egg fast is the original stall breaker, where you're also eating fat (oil, mayo, cream cheese) and maybe some hard cheese. People absolutely swear by it and often report loss of 5-6 lbs in just 5 days. Most of it is no doubt water weights, since egg fast is mainly used t...


Let's have periods twice per month!

Posted by loletaxeni , 27 April 2021 · 44 views

Been medium restricting a month, no change in weight, not even 0.01 lbs. But hey, I'm getting my second period this month now, so at least I managed to achieve something! And I'm on the pill, to stop periods from happening at all. This is fan-fucking-tastic.


Fuck you CICO

Posted by loletaxeni , 25 April 2021 · 149 views

That's really all I have to say today. 
I don't know what's wrong with me but CICO doesn't work. It just doesn't. I can eat 800 cals for weeks and weeks and not lose even a single pound. And yeah, I'm not gaining muscle or retaining any more water than I am normally. Either my tdee is like 800 or I'm finally transforming into a mushroom that can exis...


the Master Cleanse diet

Posted by loletaxeni , 23 April 2021 · 58 views

Remember the Master Cleanse / Lemonade diet? It was a big thing over 10 years ago. Beyonce did it, Gwyneth Paltrow did it, Jared Leto did it. Paltrow claimed she was hallucinating after 10 days, Beyonce used it to lose 20 lbs for Dreamgirls and Leto says he lost over 70 lbs in less than 2 months on it. What's the diet? You drink sugar water all throu...

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