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ABC or Bust (on pause)


Day 7: A Mother's Day Feast

Posted by bluebluebones , in Week 1 09 May 2021 · 59 views

Day 7: 300 calories   Morning Weight : 106.4 lbs   Night Weight : 108.4 lbs     Total Calories: ???? calories   The Day:   You know how I said yesterday I was going to go to the gym in the morning in preparation of those calories I would eat today at my aunts? Yeah that didn't happen. Turns out when you over...


Day 6: Gay Club and SWEATY

Posted by bluebluebones , in Week 1 09 May 2021 · 95 views

Day 6: 200 calories  Morning Weight: 107 lbs  Night Weight : 108.4 lbs    Activity : 971 cal
‚ÄčElliptical for 1hr 40 min
Treadmill for 1hr 35 min  Total Calories: 114 calories  The Day:  Oh wow today was a turmoil. After last night's baby melt down I woke up to 107...!!!!1 Like what!!! No fucking way. I...


Day 5: Depressed Bitch Hours and Future Plan?

Posted by bluebluebones , in Week 1 07 May 2021 · 46 views

Day 5: 100 calories  
Morning Weight: 108 lbs  
Night Weight: 108.6 lbs  
The Day:  
I don't know what is wrong with me. I just can't stop. I eat one thing and go on a full rampage. I think I just need to fast forever because I seriously can't keep going like this. Maybe that is what I'll do. Next week M-F cause on Friday...


Day 4: All Work and No Play Makes Timmy Depressed

Posted by bluebluebones , in Week 1 07 May 2021 · 52 views

Day 4: 400 calories  Morning Weight: 108.4 lbs  Night Weight: nah  
Activity: 360 cal
‚ÄčElliptical for 63 minutes  Total Calories: 305 calories  The Day:  I'm covering my co-worker today, tomorrow and all of next week. So a solid 8-5 every day.... yay...‚Ķ I can't wait for my paycheck lol. It was really hard not to j...


Day 3: Jesus CHRIST and Kant

Posted by bluebluebones , in Week 1 06 May 2021 · 43 views

Day 3: 300 calories   Morning Weight: 108.8 lbs   Night Weight: ....     Activity: 501calories burned
Treadmill for 60 minutes
Elliptical for 33 minutes   Total Calories: 300-400ish cal   The Day:   Yikes. I love setting myself up for failure. "I'm gonna eat all these veggies and it is gonna be great...


Day 2: More Tummy Rumbles and Silent Snacking

Posted by bluebluebones , in Week 1 04 May 2021 · 53 views

Day 2: 500 calories  Morning Weight: 108 lbs  Night Weight: N/A still kind of bloated    Activity: 140 cal ories burned
Treadmill for 30 minutes  Total Calories: 500 calories  The Day:  Still liquid shitting today but as the day went on it was less. Still got them tummy rumbles though. Tomorrow should be prett...


Day 1: Liquid Shits and Greek Myths

Posted by bluebluebones , in Week 1 03 May 2021 · 67 views

Day 1: 500 calories  Morning Weight: 108.8 lbs  Night Weight : N/A very bloated still.    The Day:  Went to work and already a bad start. I had some chips, dip, Tru Fru Balls, and some cookie slivers. It was my co-workers birthday... hooray!
I've decided that I'm not going to let myself get out of hand if I fail a bit. I'm go...

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