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Day 6: Gay Club and SWEATY

Posted by bluebluebones , in Week 1 09 May 2021 · 94 views

Day 6: 200 calories


Morning Weight: 107 lbs


Night Weight: 108.4 lbs


Attached Image


Activity: 971 cal
​Elliptical for 1hr 40 min Attached Image
Treadmill for 1hr 35 min Attached Image


Total Calories: 114 calories


The Day:


Oh wow today was a turmoil. After last night's baby melt down I woke up to 107...!!!!1 Like what!!! No fucking way. I weighed myself 5 times and moved the scale around just to make sure. So freaking happy and elated.


The gay club I am in had a picnic today so we all went to a park and oh no. Food. I was hungry I will not lie. So I had 1 uncrustable, no big deal. Then a bag of Doritos, then a snack of gushers. Then another uncrustable, and a bag of Cheetos, and 2 more snacks of gushers. A grand total of 970. Yikes. Major Yikes. I was so upset because I had woke up to 107 and now all my hard work was ruined.


I went back to my apt feeling dejected, finished my final for my class and face-timed my mom. But never fear, the gym is here!!! I was not going to fucking let this beat me up. I was going to BURN IT OFF. So I did. I jogged/walked at 5.0 and 3.5 for 90 minutes and then went on the elliptical for 1hr 40 because I turned on a movie. And that burned a grand total of........971!!!!! I also did a quick post-workout yoga video on YouTube but I didn't count it because I don't know how many calories that burned.


Feeling way better I went back to my apt and got a craving. So I c/s a granola bar. And decided to treat myself to some Rose and Milk Tea. 105 cal but not a big deal, I'm still under my limit (:


Anyway, today was good, I finished my work and I am okay!!! Tomorrow I have lunch with my uncle and aunt and that is going to bite me in the arse. She always makes the most calorific foods. So I'm thinking I'll walk for 200 cals in the morning, go to yoga which should burn about 100, then after lunch I'll do another walk for 200 (I kind of fucked up my knee lol working out today). That should put me at -500 and the allowance tomorrow is 300 so I'll have 800 calories to spare for lunch. I can do it!


That's all for now! Goodnight Everybody!


P.S I can't wait for tomorrow's breakdown when I realize I am not in the 106's!


Q: What is your favorite Tea?
Mine is currently Tazo Lemon Loaf Tea! Add a bit of creamer and HEAVEN!

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