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MPA is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders. Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board.



19 Jan 2022

Posted by safeway , 19 January 2022 · 42 views

I overate today, but I don't feel so crap about it today. I ate almost same cals today as i did yesterday. We ended up getting carry out instead of sitting in the restaurant, so i ate my food for dinner instead of at lunch time. I got salad and I ate the dressing they gave me bc it was really good, but there was no nutrition info for it on the place's web...


18 Jan 2022

Posted by safeway , 18 January 2022 · 42 views

18 Jan 2022 I was eating fine until later in the day, i ate things that were not planned: apple, peanut butter, pb&j, banana. The peanut butter alone was 380cals.
Tomorrow I am going out to lunch with my family, i know where we are going and i have all the menu's nutrition info i need to make good choices. A part of me is wanting to eat everything on the menu tho...


17 Jan 2022

Posted by safeway , 17 January 2022 · 38 views

The red bean tea i had today was sooooo good, best thing i have ever and will ever consume. It's creamy and not too sweet, and it's blended, so like shake consistency. My new best friend is a red bean milk tea.  Breakfast:
pickle (10)
peanut butter (47)

red bean milk tea (255)
wonton strips (98)

more wonton strips lol (130)


Jan 16 2022

Posted by safeway , 17 January 2022 · 33 views

was too tired to post this yesterday, but this is intake for sunday Breakfast:
overnight oats w/ strawberries and blueberries (239)

Lunch: none Dinner:
beef meat (312)

cucumber (21)
hummus (105)

Total = 677


15 Jan 2022

Posted by safeway , 15 January 2022 · 59 views

im counting the snacks that im bringing to work bc im sure i will eat them Breakfast:
chicken noodle soup (140)
diet pop (10)

Lunch: none Dinner:
overnight oats w/ blueberries and strawberries (239)

baby rusks (15)
grapes (78)

Total = 482


14 Jan 2022

Posted by safeway , 14 January 2022 · 36 views

I don't wanna go to work, it is a huge source of stress for me. My coworkers and my schedule are the only things I like about my job. I work in healthcare and idk if anyone who reads my posts also works in healthcare, but i will say that the whole field is horrible right now. Everyone I know is so tired and angry, future is so bleak too :/ I constantly fe...



Posted by safeway , 13 January 2022 · 50 views

skincares/makeups i love shopping and skincare and makeup. I reorganized my products into 2 drawers and managed to get rid of quite a bit, most went to my mother and other family members who can use the stuff. I have been too depressed to use most of my stuff and i cant bring myself to do my makeup nicely or try to make my face pretty, but going through the stuff was fun....


13 Jan 2022

Posted by safeway , 13 January 2022 · 46 views

13 Jan 2022 Woke up and got upset with something and wanted to binge immediately, drank diet coke to reduce urge to eat, started binging anyway. I don't wanna say what triggered this, it is so stupid and embarrassing. Coping with food and humor today i guess, idk what to do. I think i'll just list the foods i ate later, idk what else to say rn, i feel so apathetic...


12 Jan 2022

Posted by safeway , 12 January 2022 · 53 views

I made stew, turkey meatloaf, and adobo today. The meatloaf and adobo is for my family. The stew is for me, it serves 2 big bowls. It's not low-cal, sometimes i feel bad when i eat it and other times i feel fine about it. Right now, I feel fine about it since I am not having other meals today Breakfast: none Lunch:
coffee w/ milk and sugar (48...


11 Jan 2022

Posted by safeway , 11 January 2022 · 57 views

I switched to the Loseit app a while back and i like it, it doesn't give you the popup if you eaten less than 1200 cals. If you log consecutively for 7 days, it will give you an estimate of when you'll reach ur goal, regardless of how many calories you've eaten.
Wish i didnt eat the cookie today, it looked better than it tasted. I regret the casserole th...

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