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MPA is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders. Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board.



13 June 2021

Posted by safeway , 13 June 2021 · 24 views

Today was not that good, I guess. I ate a lot and idk why. When I got home this morning, I felt like I was starving and I had big bowl of cereal. No matter what I eat today, I feel hungry. I feel like a little gremlin or monster, eating everything. I don't know how many calories were in the curried chickpeas, my dad gave me them, they tasted good tho. I'm...


12 June 2021

Posted by safeway , 12 June 2021 · 32 views

lean cuisine frozen meal (180)

Lunch: none Dinner:
progresso beef pot roast soup (150)
diet mountain dew (10)

Total = 340


June 10 + 11

Posted by safeway , 11 June 2021 · 44 views

June 10  No breakfast or lunch
Went out for dinner with my family. I had fried mozzarella, steak, apple strawberry salad, and carrot cake. There was no nutrition info but I assume there were a lot of calories. I didn't regret it like I would regret a binge, and my family was really happy that day, so I'm happy. My feelings after eating was less li...


9 June 2021

Posted by safeway , 09 June 2021 · 35 views

Tomorrow is a special occasion for my family and we are going to go to a restaurant. Even before covid, we went to restaurants less than once a year, we don't go often at all. I am nervous and excited. Excited bc I love food and restaurant atmosphere, but nervous bc there's no nutrition info, even on the website. As soon as we decided to go to the restaur...


8 June 2021

Posted by safeway , 08 June 2021 · 45 views

Today was a good day. I won a claw machine game, and then I also got a pig plushie :)
I tried Panda Express today, didn't taste very good so I only ate half. I still counted all the calories though to be safe. The super greens were covered in some kind of thick paste.
I'm glad I didn't binge on the cheerios, cereal is a huge binge trigger for me, so hard...


7 June 2021

Posted by safeway , 07 June 2021 · 27 views

Breakfast: none Lunch: none Dinner:
2 poached eggs (140)
2 slice lite bread (70)
light butter (35)
turkey burger patty (170)
sugar-free syrup (10)

sugar-free cocoa (70)

Total = 495


6 June 2021

Posted by safeway , 06 June 2021 · 37 views

Breakfast: none Lunch: none Dinner:
progresso soup (150)
coldbrew coffee w/ coffeemate powder (65)

honey nut cheerios (140)
almond milk (15)
raspberries and blueberries (30)

Total = 400


5 June 2021

Posted by safeway , 05 June 2021 · 40 views

Today I weighed 109.6lbs, I've been fluctuating between 109-111 for a few days now. I hope I'll stay under 110. I get really worried that the number will go back up and I'll never have the weight loss I want. Breakfast: none Lunch: none Dinner:
progresso garden vegetable soup (190)
romaine salad mix (30)
1 can tuna mixed w/ yogurt and mu...


June 3+4

Posted by safeway , 04 June 2021 · 49 views

June 3  Breakfast: none  Lunch:
Progresso creamy chicken noodle soup (220)

turkey burger (170)
salad mix (30)
fat-free french salad dressing (45)
nonfat greek yogurt (40)
iced coffee (45)

raspberries (50)
blueberries (31)

Total = 631  
June 4  Breakfast: none Lunch:
[s]Progresso minest...


2 June 2021

Posted by safeway , 02 June 2021 · 46 views

sugar-free cocoa (70)
oatmeal w/ berries (220)

Lunch: none Dinner:
ready-made shoyu ramen (390)

Total = 680

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