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24 Nov 2021

Posted by safeway , 25 November 2021 · 52 views

Today we went out to a restaurant, my family chose PF Chang's, which I was not very familiar with. The only thing I've had from there before was a California roll. They had some decently low-cal options, so that was good. I got soup and a meal called "Buddha's feast", which was just a bunch of vegetable with tofu and sauce. I ate about half of the soup and half of the meal, bc the flavors were not that good to me. I still counted the calories as though I ate it all though, to be safe. I tried the sugarcookie latte from Starbucks, I liked it. It's sweeter than the other coffees I drink, so I think it's like a dessert drink.
For Thanksgiving, I don't know if I will try to count calories or if I will just try to limit portions by eye. Family members who don't live with me will be here, and they will definitely make comments if I am seen weighing the food. It's making me nervous, idk what to do. Some of my family members are the type to never drop a subject, even if I am visibly uncomfortable, so I really do not want to do anything that will invite comments.


Breakfast: none


Lunch: none



  • diet coke (10)
  • hot and sour soup (70)
  • "buddha's feast" (380)
  • starbucks grande sugarcookie almond milk latte (180)
Total = 640

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