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Posted by lemonduck , 09 May 2021 · 35 views

I had to get lunch AND DINNER with the entire family today and it made me anxious about my intake for the entire day;;; so my brain was screaming /@-/aHa LeT's BiNgE aNd PuRgE1!!11!!/[email protected]/ so I lost control and purged four times today. My jaws are in pain I don't think I got much up from my final session. I really wanted May to be b/p free but here I am... I hate myself so much :^)


Sorry, I don't know how to log in my intake because I b/ped
>scone: 400


>biscuits: 428


(What I did keep done for sure)


= b/ped :wacko:

Ok. You have been trying really hard & today was stressful. Tomorrow is a new day. I support you whatever happens and wish you the best.

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