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May 26th/27th - birthday cake and exams

Posted by Aurexie , 27 May 2021 · 71 views

May 26th , 2021  Today was my mom's birthday! I'm going through finals right now, but I managed to bake a cake (brownies actually) so she could blow out the candles :)
I tried making Ridiculous Brownies (check out @lowcalrecipes98 on instagram) and omg they came out so good! They're way lower in calories than normal brownies but they taste just as go...


May 25th - losing appetite

Posted by Aurexie , 25 May 2021 · 65 views

May 25th , 2021  These past two days I haven't felt like eating at all. I don't know if it's stress or just my damaged stomach but I'm constantly feeling full and bloated no matter what. As much as running on an empty stomach sounds satisfying and is addictive, I'm starting finals and have to put in maximum effort so I'm making sure I eat all meals (...


May 24th - back to life

Posted by Aurexie , 25 May 2021 · 56 views

May 24th , 2021  Sorry I've been gone for a few days!
My boyfriend came over for the weekend and for the first time in ages I felt like a normal person living a normal life again. We didn't go anywhere exciting or do anything special (I actually wasn't feeling my best cause I was on my period), but those 3 days he stayed with me went by so smoothly i...


May 17th/18th - I'm back!

Posted by Aurexie , 19 May 2021 · 102 views

May 17th and 18th , 2021  A few days ago my computer shut down for no reason and I managed to restart it only this evening! I was afraid to have lost all my stuff on it, including works for Uni and important files.. I'm so relieved everything was still there yay
While I was using my dad's computer to keep up with online lessons, I accidently opened...


May 15th - appreciation post

Posted by Aurexie , 16 May 2021 · 91 views

May 15th , 2021  Despite having gone out for lunch with my boyfriend, I managed to stay in the 1200 calorie limit!
When I'm with him I feel more like a normal person and can enjoy my food, without being forced to eat more or triggering a binge. He doesn't really eat thet much (but he has no problems with food) and although he can't relate to any of m...


May 14th - dinner with the family

Posted by Aurexie , 14 May 2021 · 70 views

May 14th , 2021  Today was all ok until my mom told me to come have dinner with some family members at her house, so I'll have to add an "arbitrary 600" to the day and ruin my total calorie intake once again. She said we're having pasta (which I won't eat), some fish with peas and a strawberry cream pie my grandma made. I guess I'll just have to focu...


May 13th - tea in a flower garden

Posted by Aurexie , 14 May 2021 · 92 views

May 13th , 2021  I met with some girl friends again to work on a project together and it went really well, we had tea in a beautiful flower garden with bunnies! They say they appreciate my work and love my fashion style, it feels so good to know people look up to you ad you look up to them.
I then visited my grandma and we had cookies together, which...


May 12th - keep holding on

Posted by Aurexie , 12 May 2021 · 90 views

May 12th , 2021  My mom came over for the day, we went grocery shopping and had lunch together, She's learning I don't enjoy pasta or bread and I guess as long as I'm eating something else she's ok with it.
I really want to keep going down a good path, but I can't deny when all the stress accumulates the restriction and binge/purge urges come around...


May 10th - b/p episode

Posted by Aurexie , 10 May 2021 · 84 views

May 10th , 2021  Yesterday I went to visit my sister with my mom and she showed us all around the city, I had a really good time! The weather was beautiful and we walked a lot, so going back home I was so tired and my legs were hurting. As for food, we ate out and I managed to get away with ordering a salad for lunch and for dinner we all had icecrea...


May 8th - getting work done

Posted by Aurexie , 08 May 2021 · 79 views

May 8th , 2021  I spent the whole day working on a PowerPoint presentation due Monday, it gave me a headache but it was worth it cause this means tomorrow I won't have any work left to do. I'm catching a train early in the morning to go spend the day with my sister who lives in an another city and I'm really excited to see her!
I'm not really happy w...

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