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May 10th - b/p episode

Posted by Aurexie , 10 May 2021 · 86 views

May 10th , 2021  Yesterday I went to visit my sister with my mom and she showed us all around the city, I had a really good time! The weather was beautiful and we walked a lot, so going back home I was so tired and my legs were hurting. As for food, we ate out and I managed to get away with ordering a salad for lunch and for dinner we all had icecrea...


May 8th - getting work done

Posted by Aurexie , 08 May 2021 · 80 views

May 8th , 2021  I spent the whole day working on a PowerPoint presentation due Monday, it gave me a headache but it was worth it cause this means tomorrow I won't have any work left to do. I'm catching a train early in the morning to go spend the day with my sister who lives in an another city and I'm really excited to see her!
I'm not really happy w...


May 7th - thrift shopping

Posted by Aurexie , 07 May 2021 · 65 views

May 7th , 2021  Today I had Uni lessons all morning, but in the evening I decided I wanted to go thrift shopping on my own. I bought a white dress, a jacket, a beautiful vintage nightgown and a tablecloth for my mom! I spent about four hours total walking to/from the train station and in the store, so I'd say I burned enough calories to compensate fo...


May 6th - a long walk to the beach

Posted by Aurexie , 07 May 2021 · 76 views

May 6th , 2021  The whole day isn't worth recounting the calories, since I spent the morning/afternoon at my mom's and then slept over at my boyfriend's house.
Broadly speaking, I had yogurt and an apple for breakfast as usual, for lunch my mom made vegan stew and a fruit salad, for dinner I had eggs and veggies and then tiramis├╣ with my bf. After lu...


May 5th - meeting new friends

Posted by Aurexie , 06 May 2021 · 79 views

May 5th , 2021  May 5th started at 5:30 am when I woke up and went home from my boyfriend's house. Later in the morning I met some girls from my course and despite my social anxiety it was actually very nice and we all enjoyed getting to know each other. I sometimes forget the world is going on without me outside these four walls and there is so much...


May 4th - visiting my boyfriend

Posted by Aurexie , 04 May 2021 · 76 views

May 4th , 2021  I'm going to my boyfriend's house tonight and I'm really happy cause I always feel at peace when we're together, but it also means I won't have control over what we'll have for dinner. Eating with other people makes me think I'm ruining my plans and this brings me to decline any invitation, but I don't want to live life always hodling...


May 3rd - making homemade soup

Posted by Aurexie , 03 May 2021 · 45 views

May 3rd , 2021  Yesterday I made soup from scratch using lentils, beans, leek, chard, tomatoes and it turned out so good! I like cooking for myself and believe it's healthier to know what goes in your food rather than buying pre made meals from the grocery store.
For dinner I made an omelette with veggies, which came out very fluffy since I whipped t...


May 2nd - a day for studying

Posted by Aurexie , 02 May 2021 · 47 views

May 2nd , 2021  Today I spent the whole day studying, which it good cause it kept my mind off other things (including food). I went 200 calories over my limit, but that's ok cause I enjoyed some focaccia with my dad and it was nice! A part from that, I ate healthy and managed to get things done so that's already an achievement. Tomorrow is Monday and...


May 1st - a new month, let's make this count!

Posted by Aurexie , 01 May 2021 · 73 views

May 1st , 2021  Everything is slipping out of my control and I feel like I'm falling back into that deep dark hole I wish I never had to witness again. Only this time, my body doesn't look or feel like mine and I'm losing hope.
This blog will help me keep track of my day, so I won't keep running from what's hurting me inside.  Long ago I used...

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