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May 8th - getting work done

Posted by Aurexie , 08 May 2021 · 66 views

May 8th, 2021


I spent the whole day working on a PowerPoint presentation due Monday, it gave me a headache but it was worth it cause this means tomorrow I won't have any work left to do. I'm catching a train early in the morning to go spend the day with my sister who lives in an another city and I'm really excited to see her!
I'm not really happy we'll be eating out for lunch and dinner cause the anxiety of not preparing my own meals will unfortunately be high.. I won't even log in the calories since it'll be useless trying to estimate restaurant dishes. I'll have to concentrate on the beautiful day I'll spend with my sister, which is the most important part of tomorrow!


Breakfast: greek yogurt + honey + apples = 385
Lunch: steamed carrots and greenbeans + oranges = 305
Snack: yogurt with cereal = 435
Dinner: tomato soup with spinach and peas + apples = 472
TOTAL: 1597

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