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May 10th - b/p episode

Posted by Aurexie , 10 May 2021 · 86 views

May 10th, 2021


Yesterday I went to visit my sister with my mom and she showed us all around the city, I had a really good time! The weather was beautiful and we walked a lot, so going back home I was so tired and my legs were hurting. As for food, we ate out and I managed to get away with ordering a salad for lunch and for dinner we all had icecream (my fave thing ever).
Today instead started quite ok except I was still very tired and after having followed all my lessons I was so stressed it caused a b/p episode... I'm so sad it happened cause I was doing ok for a while now, but I'm trying to tell myslef everything is still all right and it won't happen again. It gave me a headache so now I'm going straight to bed, hoping for a better day tomorrow.


Breakfast: greek yogurt with cacao and cereal + apples = 428
Lunch: tomato soup with peas and carrots + yogurt = 430
Snack: golden milk + apples = 296 -> binged on cereal and milk, then purged everything :(
Dinner: carrots + apple + yogurt = 245
TOTAL: 1399

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