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May 15th - appreciation post

Posted by Aurexie , 16 May 2021 · 91 views

May 15th, 2021


Despite having gone out for lunch with my boyfriend, I managed to stay in the 1200 calorie limit!
When I'm with him I feel more like a normal person and can enjoy my food, without being forced to eat more or triggering a binge. He doesn't really eat thet much (but he has no problems with food) and although he can't relate to any of my issues he's super supportive and kind when I'm struggling. He knows what makes me happy or what makes me nervous and acts like he would have chosen that anyway. My bf is the only person I've ever told openly about my ed and instead of being put off he offered even more love and patience, I really appreciate him :)


Breakfast: 0
Lunch: arbitrary 600
Snack: greek yogurt + apples = 294
Dinner: salad with tomatoes, fennel, melon and shrimps = 299
TOTAL: 1193

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