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May 26th/27th - birthday cake and exams

Posted by Aurexie , 27 May 2021 · 76 views

May 26th, 2021


Today was my mom's birthday! I'm going through finals right now, but I managed to bake a cake (brownies actually) so she could blow out the candles :)
I tried making Ridiculous Brownies (check out @lowcalrecipes98 on instagram) and omg they came out so good! They're way lower in calories than normal brownies but they taste just as good, I promise. My mom liked them a lot and she almost cried cause she was happy I surprised her for her birthday. I also got her some presents, but she's opening them next week when we're visiting my sister. By the way, I'm making Ridiculous Brownies again soon!
After celebrating we went for a walk in my neighbourhood and bought some fresh fruit at the grocery store before going back home. She cooked sweet potatoes and purple cabbage for me and I put alll my energy in making her happy for the day. We had a lovely time together and I'm happy to have managed to spend the day enjoying myself instead of obsessing over food, etc. No calorie count for today.


May 27th, 2021


I had a mock test this morning and it went quite well, considering I decided to start studying the subject only a week ago. The real exam is tomorrow and I'm very nervous, I haven't told my parents or anyone else I'm taking it so if I fail they won't be let down. Worse case scenario I can try it again in two months, like I had originally planned.
Tomorrow is also my last day of lessons for the season! Wish me luck...


Breakfast: greek yogurt + croissant = 320
Lunch: smoked salmon on ricecakes + tomatoes + apple and kiwis = 547
Snack: golden milk + apples = 294
Dinner: vegan meatballs and cabbage + watermelon = 492
TOTAL: 1653

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