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My silly little life


Knucklehead McSpasitron

Posted by rice_cake_queen , 11 June 2021 · 25 views

What a day. It's been getting pretty hot lately which is gonna make it more difficult to go on runs ugh. Whatever. I went to the movie theater with my mom and my 9 year old cousin today. She bought me M&Ms and I assumed she got the normal size BUT NOT SHE GOT THE GIANT MOVIE THEATER SIZE UGH. And I had a sussy moment because of it because I was like "...


Seeing Results

Posted by rice_cake_queen , 10 June 2021 · 18 views

I feel like I'm finally starting to see results kinda. I hope the number goes down when I weigh myself Saturday!! Also, tomorrow I might go see a movie with my mom and I'll have to get some candy so she doesn't get too suspicious. Oh well, it'll be fine. I've actually been eating a lot of junk recently lmao. Also, I'm getting a lot better at running!


Newfound Motivation

Posted by rice_cake_queen , 07 June 2021 · 35 views

Today a lot of things motivated me. First off, I found some old pictures from when I was like 14-15? And oh my god I was so chubby... Actually, it makes me a little sad because I used to think I was never ACTUALLY fat, but holy shit now I'm starting to think maybe I was. It makes me not want to ever go back to a BMI of 20 ever again. But at least now I ca...



Posted by rice_cake_queen , 06 June 2021 · 32 views

Currently plateauing but I'm hoping it'll go away if I wait it out. I feel proud of myself because tonight my family was going to eat fast food and then have smores. I ordered a salad and only ate one smore and I feel like the queen of self control. Maybe vacation won't be so bad after all.


Feeling Rough

Posted by rice_cake_queen , 30 May 2021 · 21 views

Today me and my family went to another family's house and hang out and shit and it was so difficult omg. I definitely didn't eat lots, but I still feel like I went past my limit. Also, it's just stressful as fuck not being able to know how many calories are in what. And in situations with a lot of people it's hard cause you also have to consider not being...


98 pounds

Posted by rice_cake_queen , 29 May 2021 · 58 views

98 pounds today fellas! The lowest I've ever been (in recent years obviously) was 97 so I'm excited to go below that! Today was an interesting day. My dad grilled today which means we had early dinner (which I L O A T H E). I had potato salad, half a sausage, and regular salad. I actually felt pretty satisfied afterward, which was somewhat worrisome but o...


I Hate Running

Posted by rice_cake_queen , 28 May 2021 · 35 views

Enough said. I ran/speed-walked for two hours today and it was appalling. It's hard not to beat myself up when I'm bad at something physical. I just hoped it burned enough calories. I'm aiming to be 98 pounds tomorrow. Please please please. I'm scared for Sunday cause my family is going over to these people's house and I won't be able to track calories. U...


99.4 pounds

Posted by rice_cake_queen , 22 May 2021 · 65 views

Okay cool, things are going according to plan. 9 more pounds to go! I can't believe I've been at this for 3 weeks now. It has gotten way easier. Finished the first season of You and shit was INSANE. My parents are making me go to church tomorrow, yuck. I am slightly nervous about that cause I told my mom I stopped intermittent fasting and since we're waki...


Netflix and Poptarts

Posted by rice_cake_queen , 21 May 2021 · 51 views

That's what my day consisted of it was a pretty chill day tbh. As I said last time, I think my body's getting used to this. But I'm still so scareddddd I'm not burning enough. I'm supposed to be 99 pounds by tomorrow, we'll see what happens. I also feel bloated because of a muffin I had as part of dinner. We had tacos for dinner and I ate too. The shells...


I Think I'm Getting Used to This

Posted by rice_cake_queen , 19 May 2021 · 97 views

As the title says. I think my body's adjusting to the routine and shit. I didn't even feel that hungry today. Currently I feel pretty bloated because I ate pizza for dinner. Don't worry, it was within the calorie limit. One recurring worry that keeps popping up for me is that I'm not truly doing "moderate" exercise. I mostly do 30 minute long workouts (us...

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