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Food plus Exercise vlog (13 May 2021) + homemade chive pockets

Posted by _Jadi_ , 13 May 2021 · 65 views

Food plus Exercise vlog (13 May 2021)  +  homemade chive pockets Caloric breakdown for today: Breakfast [269cals]:
Red bell pepper, 2 medium [74cals]
Tomatoes, 100 g [18cals]
Chia Seeds, 1 Tablespoon [60cals]
Brown rice cereal drink, 1 cup [113cals]
Cinnamon, 2g [4cals]

Lunch [477cals]:
Cooked - White Rice (Cooked), 1 cup [205cals]
Vegetable Stir fry, 3 ounce [62cals]
Tofu Stew, 1 bowl [100cals]
White Chicken Me...


Mid-morning binge. Coffee pancakes and calorific nuts

Posted by _Jadi_ , 12 May 2021 · 87 views

Mid-morning binge. Coffee pancakes and calorific nuts After my breakfast this morning, I thought I was all set for a productive day when all of a suddenly I wanted to binge on something indulgent, sweet and rich. I then proceeded to make a pancake batter which will then be cooked into a giant pancake as big as the pan itself. I then proceeded to eat it all up. Afterwards, I was still unsatisfied an...


Food + Exercise Log [11 May]

Posted by _Jadi_ , 11 May 2021 · 67 views

Caloric Breakdown for today: Breakfast [0cals]:
 Lunch [480cals]:
Sardine, 1 can 214gm [294cals]
Lime juice - Raw, 1 lime yields [10cals]
Tomatoes, 100 g [18cals]
Red bell pepper, 2 medium [74cals]
Sweet potato balls, 1.5 oz. [84cals]
 Dinner [493 cals]:
Cooked - White Rice (Cooked), 1 cup [205cals]
Vegetable Stir fry, 3 ounce [62cal...


I want to eat 5 slices of cheesecake plus 2 bars of chocolate plus 2 pints of caramel ice cream rn

Posted by _Jadi_ , 10 May 2021 · 88 views

I am so done with my cravings today. I NEED FOOD. Currently, I could possibly gobble down 10 slices of chocolate cake and still feel empty inside. Although I ate 1326 calories today, I feel far from satiated. I guess I should sleep early today to curb my appetite. Total calories consumed: 1326 calories
Total exercise done: 14.1 km of walking Cal...


I tried quitting caffeine and failed fantastically

Posted by _Jadi_ , 09 May 2021 · 66 views

Whew today feels like a weird ass day for me. I have been trying to quit caffeine cold turkey for the past few days; I haven't been drinking any caffeinated substances since 6 may until today at noon time;when I found myself downing a strong cup of coffee. I felt so amazeballs afterwards. It was as if that cup of coffee has unlocked a paradise for my brai...


A nice & chill Saturday making a tasty Taiwanese dessert

Posted by _Jadi_ , 08 May 2021 · 73 views

Today I made a 600g batch of sweet potato tapioca starch balls(a type of Taiwanese dessert) which tasted really good and had a good texture to it; I used a 0 calorie sweetener to sweeten it which worked pretty well. My family liked it as well. They were still a lot left so I stored them in the freezer which I think will last my family about a week. I look...


Lunch with friends + unplanned after-dinner binge

Posted by _Jadi_ , 07 May 2021 · 67 views

I woke up this morning and weighted myself. The scale read 45.9kg. This was the lowest weight I had been since years. What a pleasant surprise. I didn't gain from yesterday's binge. I guess walking for 4.5 hours yesterday paid off. I decided today to start focusing on learning the basic theory test for driving plus sorting out all my notes and things...


Ah here we go Thursday mid week binge + progress so far

Posted by _Jadi_ , 06 May 2021 · 108 views

Finals are finally over and I have 3 months of term break ahead of me; which means I could finally focus on other things in life other than studying haha. I wish to take my driving tests this summer, do some social work and lose some weight finally ugh. Even since losing 10kg in 3 months when I was 15, I have been around 47-48kg these past few years...