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I tried quitting caffeine and failed fantastically

Posted by _Jadi_ , 09 May 2021 · 64 views

Whew today feels like a weird ass day for me. I have been trying to quit caffeine cold turkey for the past few days; I haven't been drinking any caffeinated substances since 6 may until today at noon time;when I found myself downing a strong cup of coffee. I felt so amazeballs afterwards. It was as if that cup of coffee has unlocked a paradise for my brain to wonder to.


I had been feeling as if I was drifting on clouds for these past few days without caffeine; my focus was crappy and my tongue tasted weird all the time; plus I was way hungrier and sleepier without my daily dose of caffeine. Should I continue to try to quit caffeine? Caffeine sometimes makes me feel anxious af and keeps me up at night sometimes. However on the other hand, caffeine makes me function way better as a human being and boost my productivity a lot.


Here are some pictures of the Taiwanese dessert - sweet potato balls I made yesterday. I would like to put the recipe I followed here so I could also refer to it if I ever make it again. It is really simple yet so tasty. If you are reading this, I recommend this recipe for you to try out as well. They are a little high in calories but yeah. ( ;ω; )


Recipe for sweet potato balls:

  • 500g sweet potatoes (can be orange, purple, white etc. any type of sweet potato you like)
  • 2 cups of tapioca starch (or 320g)
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar or equivalent amount of sweetener (you can use any kinds of low-cal sweetener you want and also you can use more or less sweetener according to your taste; I personally prefer sickly sweet desserts so I used 8 tablespoons of sweetener haha)
  • Peel the sweet potatoes skin off
  • Cut the sweet potatoes into small cubes (approximately 1 to 2cm cubes)
  • Steam the sweet potatoes on medium heat for 15 to 20 min (or until soften)
  • Wait for sweet potatoes to cool and then mashed them into a thick paste in a large enough bowl
  • Add sweetener and mix well
  • Add tapioca starch gradually into the mix
  • Add water to the mix if needed to form a workable dough
  • Shape the dough into small bite sized pieces (eg small cubes, small balls, etc.)
  • Dust the finished sweet potato balls with tapioca flour to prevent sticking
  • You can freeze them in the freezer to keep for later
  • To cook them, boil them in water until they float up and wait for another 2 to 3 minutes before scooping them up into your serving bowl.
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9 May 2021:
Total calories consumed: 1334 calories
Total exercise done: 13.5km of walking/running


Alright, I will end this blog post now. I will sleep now. Thank you for reading and wish you have a good day.