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11th &12th of June

Posted by Starve_away_the_pain99 , 12 June 2021 · 23 views

So I low restricted yesterday (745) and high restricted today (1,412), I started another 100 hour fast 2 hours ago and as I’m weighing myself tomorrow when I wake up (and I haven’t been #2 in a week) I’ve taken two laxatives to get rid of all the food weight for the fast. 12th June 2021
Last Weight Check: 169.8lbs (10th June)
Goal Weight: 160lbs...


10th of June

Posted by Starve_away_the_pain99 , 10 June 2021 · 26 views

I’ve had stomach aches, sharp pains, all through today and so I high restricted as food helped ease them. I had 1,312 calories which is a bunch but I shall be restricting below 800 for the next couple of days until I don’t have any food in the house and then I’ll do another 100 hour fast. 10th June 2021
Current Weight: 169.8lbs (maintained)
Goal Wei...


9th of June

Posted by Starve_away_the_pain99 , 09 June 2021 · 24 views

So I broke my fast at 116 hours, which I am so proud of, I felt super faint and I ate. I also successfully restricted instead of binging which is awesome. I had 680 calories in total, half of that being liquid calories. 9th June 2021
Current Weight: 169.8lbs
Goal Weight: 160lbs Note: I also made it into the 160’s finally, just under 10lbs to go...


8th of June

Posted by Starve_away_the_pain99 , 08 June 2021 · 37 views

Today was okay, I’ve been a bit sluggish as I feel kinda shaky whenever I move too fast but I’m almost at 100 hours which is super exciting. I would’ve finally accomplished that goal! 8th June 2021
Current Weight: 171.8lbs (<0.8lbs)
Goal Weight: 160lbs Note: If I’m not 170lbs exactly or less tomorrow morning, then I will keep going til I re...


7th of June

Posted by Starve_away_the_pain99 , 08 June 2021 · 25 views

Anther successful fast day! Super proud of myself, I don’t even feel hungry anymore. 7th June 2021
Current Weight: 172.6lbs (<2.4lbs)
Goal Weight: 160lbs -X.


6th of June

Posted by Starve_away_the_pain99 , 06 June 2021 · 26 views

Another fast day complete, I’m currently 52 hours in so the half way mark. I feel pretty good, just waiting for the hunger pangs to leave me alone, I will have some teas and a monster tomorrow. Calorie wise I had 316 (which was an original monster, not my fave, and a cup of tea) 6th June 2021
Current Weight: 175lbs (<0.8lbs)
Goal Weight: 160lbs...


5th of June

Posted by Starve_away_the_pain99 , 05 June 2021 · 33 views

So I fasted today, I only had a mango monster (239) which I’m not too fussed about because I was able to go for a long walk just now. I was only able to get in 6,300 steps instead of the 10k I wanted but it’s better than nothing. 5th June 2021
Current Weight: 175.8lbs (<0.2lbs from yesterday)
Goal Weight: 160lbs Note: I’m going to continue...


4th of June

Posted by Starve_away_the_pain99 , 04 June 2021 · 39 views

I have planned a long walk tomorrow and I started a fast just now. I won’t weigh myself tomorrow but I’m fasting all through tomorrow until the scale is on 170 or lower. Might go for at least 100 hours, always wanted to hit that mark. 4th June 2021
Current Weight: 176lbs
Goal Weight: 160lbs


3rd of June

Posted by Starve_away_the_pain99 , 03 June 2021 · 40 views

Successfully restricted today (927), will restrict through tomorrow and the 5th and then fast until the scale hits 5 or 8lbs less on that day probably 2nd June 2021
Current Weight: 177lbs
Goal Weight: 160lbs Note: Due to the weather, I shall see if I can go for a late night walk tomorrow to burn off extra calories, but I’m not sure if I will be...


2nd of June

Posted by Starve_away_the_pain99 , 02 June 2021 · 50 views

My stupid unhealthy brothers made me break my fast at half 11 (nighttime!) which is way too late to eat anyway, it I made sure that I didn’t go over 1,000kcals still super pissed at them though. 2nd June 2021
Current Weight: 178.2lbs (due to food weight and my monthly, will probably fluctuate tomorrow, we’ll see)
Goal Weight: 160lbs Note: Goin...

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