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Day 22

Posted by Em0ch1 , 28 June 2021 · 89 views

Weekend was good I guess, had some bomb sex with bf next to a church xD


Day 22


Breakfast: porridge / 187


Lunch: roasted potato, capsicum and tomato with ketchup and dried tomato basil dip / 342
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Dinner: summer rolls filled with egg, lettuce, snow peas, capsicum and cucumber with soy sauce peanut dip / 325
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+ Toast with chocolate PB2 / 95


Total: 948


Notes: this school year ends at friday but I have the day off today bc of the grade conference ( is this an austrian thing bc I have never seen it anywhere else ) and I forgot how much I love cooking my own meals and not just eat noodles out of a water cooker or cold protein yog haha
My grade point average is 2.0 and I'm honestly proud of that bc I was at 2.5 at midterm but I could have easily gotten a 1.5 or better if I'd have put in the work the first semester but oh well


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