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Wedding Countdown


Day 8/63

Posted by primitiveexposure , 17 June 2021 · 63 views

Again 60.75. But my period started. 
Also I think those shirataki products bloat me a bit? 
I didn't drink while making dinner again (!!) which I am really happy about. We went on our little date and I got a fruit Popsicle, not the one with cream inside and not one of the alcoholic ones. Mine had rhubarb and strawberries. I know they contain a l...


Day 7/63

Posted by primitiveexposure , 15 June 2021 · 54 views

I am up to 60.75 kg today. But I did workout rather hard yesterday and eat a bit more than normal. There would have been only a little left in the container if I took what I wanted, and Tom would have noticed me not eating it. 
Today is a new day.


Day 6/63

Posted by primitiveexposure , 15 June 2021 · 69 views

Down to 60.7! That's 1.3 kg down overall in a week. 
I am not feeling bad or anything at this point and the loss is fairly linear. Fingers crossed it continues.


New Game!

Posted by primitiveexposure , 14 June 2021 · 70 views

I have been noticing lately that my pants fit slightly better. Now I get to play the game of 'Am I getting smaller or is this a trick?!' Options: 1. I am getting smaller
2. My pants are now stretched out
3. I was just bloated before. I only lost water weight
4. Additional random and unlikely scenarios my brain comes up with


Day 5/63

Posted by primitiveexposure , 13 June 2021 · 53 views

Progress is starting again. Exactly 61.00 kg today. 
Saturday the fiance went to a wedding. I couldn't go because I had to stay with the dogs. He got a hungover pizza and I was able to just get a salad and put some chicken on it. Another <1000 calorie day. Even if I didn't log everything correctly. I can't do a Friday night like the last one agai...


Day 4/63

Posted by primitiveexposure , 13 June 2021 · 56 views

Back down to 61.3 this afternoon. Just two coffees so far. 
I found a good shirataki pasta brand and I made some veg and chicken last night. I had two glasses of whiskey, but on my third I decided not to finish it. And I think that is really good progress. 
Next week my fiance is back in the house working from home. It will be much more difficul...


Day 3/63

Posted by primitiveexposure , 12 June 2021 · 68 views

Two cocktails, a shot, and an entire pizza. 
62.5 kg this morning. 
It is 12 and I haven't eaten anything yet. Just chugging water. 
I feel so bloated and awful.


Day 2/63

Posted by primitiveexposure , 11 June 2021 · 88 views

Like, I KNOW. I KNOW it is water weight or whatever. I KNOW THIS. But every morning I am a teeeeeny bit heavier than my lowest weight of the day before. And it is driving me MAD. 
61.45 today. 
I know I will just keep weighing myself throughout the day. I shouldn't do that. I definitely should not do that. But I will....


Peed a lot, then weighed again

Posted by primitiveexposure , 10 June 2021 · 66 views

Down from the original weigh in of 61.75 to 61.15. 
This is when the realization sets in... it'll never be enough


Day 1/63

Posted by primitiveexposure , 10 June 2021 · 61 views

I guess I started a couple days ago... But this is the first day I could post blogs on here so here we go. 
It was never certain if I would ever get married. It wasn't really something on my radar and I had been previously so discouraged by the dating pool before. Much to my parent's relief, I found my forever human. He is kind, understanding, helpfu...

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