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Day 2/63

Posted by primitiveexposure , 11 June 2021 · 84 views



Like, I KNOW. I KNOW it is water weight or whatever. I KNOW THIS. But every morning I am a teeeeeny bit heavier than my lowest weight of the day before. And it is driving me MAD.


61.45 today.


I know I will just keep weighing myself throughout the day. I shouldn't do that. I definitely should not do that. But I will. Because that's what I do. That's how this always goes. Secretly weighing myself a million times until I get the lowest point of the day. Caffeine for DAYS. Food for .. whatever.


Yesterday I ate popcorn, which is the likely culprit for the little bump. But my total calories were 921, which is alright I guess. My photos look a little leaner already. Probably just less bloat from not drinking.


I can't go to the gym today (probably). Because a man is coming to read the electric meters at some point between 8 and 11, and the grocery delivery is between 12-2. So probably I will have to wait until 11 for the dude to come, and 2 for the groceries. Then it's all walking dogs, dinner, and getting ready to go out at 7.

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