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Day 8/63

Posted by primitiveexposure , 17 June 2021 · 57 views

Again 60.75. But my period started.


Also I think those shirataki products bloat me a bit?


I didn't drink while making dinner again (!!) which I am really happy about. We went on our little date and I got a fruit Popsicle, not the one with cream inside and not one of the alcoholic ones. Mine had rhubarb and strawberries. I know they contain a lot of sugar, but they also had real fruit in them so the fiber helps a bit. I also biked into work and back. So that at least got me some calories burned. I also didn't go to the after-work function at the brewery, which would have really cost me. They had a special for a flight of 4 beers with a pretzel. I would have taken it for sure.


So I am happy with my choices. I just wish my weight reflected them.

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