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How I am getting reorganized

Posted by winterwizardd , 22 July 2021 · 54 views

I ordered an empty small binder and filler pages to make a bullet journal when I am home.
I am going to sign up to volunteer in my local community. Again, I need purpose, and some things to occupy me.
I am going to get organized with my vitamins! I realized that my mental health just might be suffering right now because I have forgotten to take my B12 fo...



Posted by winterwizardd , 21 July 2021 · 54 views

After eating so much yesterday, I was definitely all swelled up today. But at the end of the day, my ribs are more prominent than ever. Its so strange. I have to have eaten above my TDEE, I had chips and tons of peanut butter as snacks and other food on top of that. Its wild. I wonder if its just from having less refined carbs or something but I literally...


Struggled a bit

Posted by winterwizardd , 20 July 2021 · 76 views

I was so hungry last night that I couldn't sleep. Today I let myself have a bit of a binge, with the hopes that it will kind of kickstart my metabolism again so that I won't adapt to a low intake. I have noticed in the past few days that I have been eating a ton of refined food, store-bought hummus, and peanut butter. My plan is to continue eating whateve...



Posted by winterwizardd , 19 July 2021 · 9 views

Even though I can’t weight myself right now, my ribs become more prominent every day. Counting calories actually makes me gain because when I eat a small number like 800 I subconsciously feel like I should be hungry even if I wouldn’t otherwise eat. Then I always end up eating around 2500. When I focus on volume alone, I assume that I am eating a lot even...


Smooth sailing

Posted by winterwizardd , 18 July 2021 · 10 views

I’m not sure how, but I know that I’m losing. Since I eat mostly plant based now, I guess the foods I eat are lower cal naturally but I still feel like I must eat close to 1800 every day. But my ribs are starting to show again, which means I am definitely under 130 again at this point. I’m not going to weigh myself until after my trip with friends in a fe...


5 - Turning Tides

Posted by winterwizardd , 17 July 2021 · 34 views

This is the first time that I have had to write one on my phone!  
Anyways, I can’t give much detail, but I feel more optimistic than I have in a LONG time. The most helpful thing has been reintroducing coffee. I have one cup in the morning with caffeine, and then I sip an entire French press worth of decaf throughout the day (~40 oz) and I NEVER fee...


Mental Health Struggles

Posted by winterwizardd , 16 July 2021 · 59 views

Today, I definitely did better with the eating than yesterday. I felt disgusting when I woke up, and for most of the day I was depressed. I forced myself to run just one mile in the morning, but I felt terrible emotionally all day. I ate at around 3pm because I was hoping I would feel a little better afterwards (it only worked a little bit). 
I am ki...


Little High Little Low

Posted by winterwizardd , 15 July 2021 · 71 views

I would consider my progress today to be just alright. It was good in that I avoided eating peanut butter, chocolate, refined carbs, and anything with added sugar. My appetite was also super reduced compared to normal because I have started drinking coffee again. I was not even hungry until around 2pm, and tomorrow I think that I can stave this off even l...



Posted by winterwizardd , 14 July 2021 · 78 views

Its more important than anything else to keep track of why you want to make a change. These are the main reasons that I am going to become 100lbs. 
Why I will reach my UGW of 100lbs 
I want to have that lean, young, energetic appearance like a skinny teenager.  
I want to be more athletic. Being skinny helps you to be faster, and it will he...



Posted by winterwizardd , 14 July 2021 · 51 views

I have spent the last ten or more years of my life working on losing weight. Once, I was pretty successful, and I got all the way down to 108lbs. My ultimate goal weight is 99lbs, and I am currently around 130lbs. I am scared to weigh myself at the moment, but perhaps the reality check will help. Check back soon. 
I am currently living home with my p...

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