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Turning 40

Posted by Burdeninthehand , 20 August 2021 · 152 views

Ten years ago i turned 30. I wqs 45kg and had starved to get to that weight. I was still only in 18 bmi range. But mentally and. Physically i was broke. I spent the night in Brussels on holiday... In bed and crying and starving and after a huge fight with my husband ate a mesly salad and was miserable. Tonight i celebrate with pizza and icecream and tomorrow I will get back on track.

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Happy Birthday <3

Ugh, fights are the worst alright.   Good that you were able to treat yourself though, even after all of that.


And yay 40.  You'll find that it's not so bad I predict.  :)

Aug 21 2021 04:42 PM
Thank you guys x

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