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Daily calorie reduction

Posted by Burdeninthehand , 09 September 2021 · 84 views

I'm reducing my daily net calories to 850. Apparently I could lose 4kg in 1 month at that.


I am currently 66.4kg and 6 weeks ago I was 72kg on my current weight loss projectors it does seem possible. I just have to get my fat arse to stop eating as much.


Coffee, water and red bull in morning
Lunch 250g tomatoes 50
a Cucumber 60and
apple cider vinegar
Afternoon Diet coke and coffee
minestrone soup 208 cal pot
5 rice cakes 95
salmon 65 or ham 89
spreadable cheese 2 tbs 61
1 cup of Arugula 8
Beetroot 40cals

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