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Opps I did it again

Posted by Burdeninthehand , 10 September 2021 · 69 views

Last night I went out and ate the hole out of myself. I had goats cheese starter and a calamari ring and then prawn kale risotto with salmon and an onion ring. Then shared a desert of eaton mess (mostly eaten by me) and bread with butter. I drank wine and champagne and cocktails and woke up at 3am dying... puked and shivering yet sweating like the fat pig I am. I'm now after making the grave mistake of ordering a 'coconut cooler drink for which I'm panicking and I'm sure the lovely waitress thinks I'm funking nuts. I am nuts. Yesterday I brought my homeless friend his breakfast like I usually do and he wasnt there. And then I panicked I'd eat it so I gave it away to my work colleagues... for which I had to gonout of my way to drop it off just to get rid of it. I'm drinking and binge eating... then panicked after.

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